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Additional information for trapping Armadillos, Chipmunks and Opossums using Havahart traps

posted this on Aug 4, 2016


Additional information for trapping Armadillos, Chipmunks and Opossums using Havahart traps

Trapping Armadillos

  • To live trap an armadillo, you will need the1050 or 1079 cage trap. In order to entice the animal into the trap, you will need to construct a funnel of sorts to lead the armadillo into the trap. One idea is to place wood barriers on either side of the trap to guide them into the trap.
  • Bait suggestions for Armadillo is to trap with meal worms, maggots, spoiled meat, overripe fruit, sardines or fish. Transport the armadillo at least 2 miles away.
  • Remember to check with your local or state game commission for regulations concerning relocating animals.

Trapping Chipmunks

  • Live trapping can be used with chipmunks. You will most likely have to trap many chipmunks to control the population. Havahart® model 0745 is manufactured specifically for chipmunks.
  • Check the route that is used most often and set the trap in the appropriate place.
  • Check the trap often and if in agreement with local and state laws, release the animal in a suitable habitat at least 5 miles away.
  • Check the traps often.

Suggested baits:

Chipmunks are attracted to prune pits, un-roasted peanuts, corn, sunflower seeds, peanut butter, cereal, grains, popcorn.

Trapping Opossums

  • Live catch traps may be used to humanely capture and release opossums. Havahart® 1050 traps are best suited for this type of catch.
  • They should be placed where activity has been seen. Transport opossums at least 5 miles away for release in a suitable habitat.
  • Avoid trapping during early spring and summer as young may be orphaned by the capture of their mother.

Suggested baits:

  • Opossum are attracted to Fish, apples, or canned pet food.
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