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Bug Lady posted this on Oct 11, 2016

Flea Control Made easy with ePestSolutions When you are dealing with a Flea problem, it is important to determine the source of infestation or the (host). Common sources of infestation in a home include: • House pets that become infested outdoors. • Pest animals (squirrels, raccoons, mice, etc) living in the home. • Feral cats or dogs that drop fleas in areas where they are picked up by humans. • Former occupants with a flea infested pet (fleas can remain in the vacant home). Each of these situations will have a different implication for flea control and how you will address the primary host. The first requires treating the house pet for fleas, the second and third require controlling or removing the pest animals. And the last doesn’t require any animal-related actions. Vacuuming areas will plays a very important role in the flea control process. Not only will thorough vacuuming remove many of the eggs, larvae and adults, but the suction and the vibrations from the beater-bar help trigger adult emergence from cocoons, where they otherwise would be protected from insecticide. It will also remove flea feces and bring up the pile of the carpet, which helps insecticides reach deep down inside the carpet where the larvae are found. Vacuuming should include all floor surfaces, resting areas—including furniture, pet bedding and any other host—and associated articles that are not going to be laundered or discarded. Removing as many objects from the floor as possible before vacuuming and treatment will help you get the best results on your flea control program. Concrete floors in basements or garages where pets spend time should be vacuumed too. These areas are often overlooked. Pay special attention to the joints, and cracks in pet areas. Seal contents of the vacuuming and dispose of items on the outside in a closed receptacle. Wash or dispose of all animal bedding and pay special attention to hot spots where animals frequently hang out. Clean outside areas where dog houses and kennel are located. Cut lawn before application of a pesticide. Follow all instructions located in the products label, using a good permethrin for outside application and an aerosol with a insect growth regulator and adulticide included. Checkout our Flea Control Solutions for flea control kits and products for your home, yard and pets.

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