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Bug Lady posted this on Oct 12, 2016

Crickets are part of the family Orhtoptera which also includes grasshoppers and katydids. Crickets have folded wings around their body, and the sounds they make are used as a defense mechanism and to attract the opposite sex. The sounds can also cause of great anxiety if we cannot locate the pest that is causing them. We can find the house and field cricket everywhere and they usually feed on plants, but can also feed on other insects. Camel crickets or Cave crickets have a signature humpback and are typically found around porches, in our crawlspaces and or basements. They can become a major pest to lawns.

For the most part crickets are nocturnal and have a preference for cracks and crevices. Excessive building lights can attract the field cricket and also house cricket. Camel crickets can live both inside and outside. Good control methods of crickets will deal with harborage removal. Exclusion, elimination of moisture sources, outdoor lighting reduction, physical removal and treatments.


Clean up and remove debris in the areas they will be likely to hide. This includes piles of items outdoors and significant amounts of ground cover or plants near to structures, if they can hide and have moisture and a food source the cricket can survive. It is also important to inspect your home to ensure that areas of entry are sealed, so as to prevent the crickets from gaining entry indoors in the first place. Reduce moisture to reduce the camel cricket and house cricket, as they will tend to breed in dark damp areas, such as basements, crawl spaces and under porches. If you have an area that is staying excessively wet because of a leak or gutter issue, then this should be addressed as it can make you vulnerable to other insects as well. Update bright outdoor lighting near windows and doors, as this will also increase the likelihood of crickets gathering in specific spaces.

If you have an ongoing infestation or large population in your home or structure it is important to tackle all of the above control methods, so that you can be successful in controlling the crickets.

Several types of insecticides are labeled for use in controlling crickets, Bifenthrin is a good general insecticide that will work for a perimeter treatment to eliminate the numbers of crickets that invade a structure. Dust and baits can be successful when applied in the appropriate manner and by following the label of the particular product.

Looking for ways to prevent and control Crickets in your home and yard, ePestSolutions.com has you covered. We can help you control and repel crickets easily with our professional products at ePestSolutions.com. Using the right products, such Cy-Kick CS and Bifen Granules for your cricket control problems will make all the difference in the world. Letting us teach you how to use it, even better.

We have the right professional strength products for all your cricket control problems. Guaranteed the best products at the best price. Our professional staff are here to help with all your pest control needs, call us to place your order today.

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