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Win the Cockroach War at Your Restaurant

Camille Landry posted this on Feb 27, 2017

cockroach eating a biscuit

Restaurants are one of the biggest industries for entrepreneurship. But as much as it is a popular way to start your own business, it is also the most likely business to fail. Often times it can take a few poor reviews to do a restaurant in.


While things like bad service, bad food and ambiance can be easy to improve upon with the right approach, other criticisms a restaurant might not be able to bounce back from. A bad review which talks about cockroaches at a restaurant or even a report in the news on cockroach infestations appearing at a restaurant can be a swift death knell to the business.

Cockroaches = The Ultimate Meal Ruiner


Nothing scares off customers more than cockroaches at a restaurant. You can have superb food and excellent customer service, all that won’t matter if it’s learned that there is a roach problem in the kitchen or even worse, spotted by customers while dining.


A review about cockroaches or an inspection which finds cockroaches in your facility gives off the impression that the establishment is unsanitary and filthy, which may not even really be the case. The word will spread like wildfire and soon enough, business will become nonexistent.


The trouble is that cockroach extermination, especially for establishments such as restaurants can be terribly expensive. When trying to do-it-yourself, restaurants usually also waste money by using inferior products or not being thorough enough.


When cockroaches are making themselves at home in your restaurant, you have to ask fast. Your livelihood depends on it! That’s why we’ve put together a control program that any restaurant can implement to be cockroach-free.



inspection at a restaurant

Three Basic Preliminary Steps to Cockroach Control

Before going about purchasing professional-grade control products and conducting applications, an effective cockroach control program starts with implementing a routine inspection, exclusion and sanitation procedure. Buying even the best cockroach control pesticides will be ineffective if the establishment is disorganized and unsanitary. So here is how you should go about it:


  1. Inspection: This step will help give you a basic idea of where the cockroaches are harboring and traveling so that you can determine the main areas of focus when conducting pesticide applications.


  • Inspect possible harborages or hiding spots for live roaches, droppings, shed skins and egg cases. Roaches are notorious for leaving behind evidence, so make note of where you see heavy amount of their remnants.


  • Inspect trash bins, sinks, floor drains, kitchen equipment, wall voids, electrical outlets, electrical boxes, any hollow tubing on appliance legs and any other crack, crevice or void where cockroaches may have taken up residence.


    • Place glue boards near areas where you have seen roach activity. This will help monitor suspected problem areas, and reveal to you how bad of an infestation you have as well as identifying the type of cockroach your establishment is dealing with.

  • Sanitation is a vital element in cockroach control or any pest control program. This is especially important for a restaurant as well.  Trash bins, sinks, floors and kitchen equipment should be cleaned regularly and often, especially before closing and leaving overnight. Any one of these areas could potentially lead to a cockroach infestation if left unchecked.


  1. Exclusion means to keep pests out of an area to begin with so they won’t become a problem. The ways you can do this is by implementing things like placing tight weather seals around doors and windows; using a caulking gun to seal any openings leading to wall voids and making sure never to leave doors or unscreened windows open. Treating for cockroach right outside your establishment is also a good way to stop them from venturing on indoors.


baiting for roachesRecommended Control Treatments for Cockroaches


When dealing with cockroaches in restaurant establishment, there has to be some caution taken when applying pesticides in areas in close proximity to where food is handled and where people are dining. Some applications may contain odors which will be a turnoff to guests or make the kitchen smell. 


We here at Solutions recommend that cockroach applications and treatments should be limited to cracks, crevices and wall voids as these are typically where the majority of roaches spend their time. Using a combination of roach bait, pesticides, and an insect growth regulator will work best to get a complete treatment done to your restaurant.


  • Apply cockroach baits such as Apex Cockroach Gel Bait or Maxforce FC Magnum Roach Gel Bait in cracks or crevices where roach feces have been found. Baits work great in taking care of large infestations of cockroaches because they create the much-desired domino effect.

    Laying out tiny dots of roach bait, especially when you’ve done a thorough sanitation of the area will make it so cockroaches don’t have any food source to feast on other than what they see: the bait. They will take this bait, which is slow-acting, and share it amongst their colony, killing them off in large numbers as the poison spreads.

    Does your bait job not work? Find out why baits may fail by checking out our series on common roach bait application mistakes.


  • Apply an insecticide dust such as CimeXa Dust into voids in the wall, where plumbing pipes are found since it’s a area of moisture where cockroaches love to be, and in wall voids behind stoves or dishwashers. The humidity and dampness of the area are hotbeds for roaches so applying dust here will be an excellent way to get rid of them.

  • Liquid insecticides combined with insect growth regulators will also offer some control. Reclaim IT Insecticide and Gentrol IGR Insect Growth Regulator work excellent in tandem and are safe to use in food handling establishments for roach control. Still, precaution should be used when applications are being performed. The insecticide takes care of the live roaches while the IGR kills off the eggs that they leave behind so the next generation doesn't grow.

    Apply these products in cracks and crevices being extremely careful not to splash or allowing the product to runoff as this could potentially contaminate food prep surfaces. Reclaim can also be used to make a protective barrier around the restaurant's exterior perimeter to discourage roaches from entering the premises.


Get a Five Star Rating In No Time

By following the above guide, your restaurant will no longer be tainted by the presence of roaches. For more tips or to get free advice from an expert on how to get rid of cockroaches or any other problem pest, please feel free to give us a call or live chat with us online!

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