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Have Cockroaches In Your Car? Kick Them Out Of Your Ride.

posted this on Feb 24, 2017


cockroaches in your ride? It can happen.In a lot of ways, our cars can be an extension of our home. We stow our belongings in the trunk, we listen to music there as we go from place to place, sometimes we even sleep there or eat there when we’re on the go or taking a road trip. Unfortunately, just like how our homes can come down with a cockroach problem, our cars can suffer the same fate. Yet even then, most people are shocked when cockroaches begin setting up camp in their vehicles. When you look at your car as an extension of your home and roaches are a reality in your household, then there really shouldn’t be any surprise if they make their way to your ride.


Some people may write off the roach problem being because the car is old. However, there are people that can even encounter a roach infestation in brand new cars. Imagine taking a drive in your car on a hot day and deciding to turn on the A/C only to witness roaches blowing out of the vent. Sounds horrifying doesn’t it?


It’s not very common to have a roach problem in cars but they can happen. In this knowledge base post, we’ll explore why that is so and how, through the expert advice and products from Solutions Pest and Lawn, you can smoke those filthy cockroaches out of your car.


How Roaches Got In Your Car in The First PlaceEating in the car can cause roach problems.

Let’s face the truth, roaches getting into our cars is our own doing. Sometimes it could be something as innocent as forgetting to roll your windows all the way up and then overnight the roaches end up sneaking inside. But for the most part it’s because we all like to eat in our cars. Especially if you have kids, there’s going to be eating being done in our cars. We are constantly on the go and pressed for time and have to eat as we rush to work or eat while driving on road trips. So naturally, there are going to be crumbs, spills, and wrappers all over the place. You may tell yourself that you are going to clean it up immediately or that you’re going to get around to cleaning your car, but you may not find the time to carry out vacuuming and thoroughly cleaning your car.


All those drive-thru bags and goodies start to accumulate and sure enough, roaches are going to take notice and make their way inside for whatever leftovers you’re inviting them to. You being too busy to clean up results in roaches in your precious vehicle.


You have to keep in mind that roaches are in your vehicle because they find food there. Roaches are attracted roaches in the car because they’re able to find food there. Remember, roaches only need three things to survive and if scramble like mad to go after those vital three items: food, water and shelter. If you eliminate those items, they’ll die off or leave your vehicle.


Other ways that roaches can end up in your car include the following:


  • Transferred from home to car or from work to car from bags and other things. A roach problem in your home tends to follow you wherever you go. Roaches may be hitching a ride on your clothing or the belongings you carry around. Your car isn’t going to be a sanctuary from roaches if you are unknowingly bringing them along. They’ll notice the interior and crawl out of your stuff so they can find a nice nook or cranny in your nice leather seats.


  • Repair shops leaving doors and windows open while it is being stored for service. Did you recently get your car repaired? Depending on the repair shop, they may have had a roach problem themselves and while working on your car and leaving doors and windows open, cockroaches saw their opportunity to ride home with you once the car was given a tune-up.


What NOT to do When Attempting to Control Roaches In Your Car

Using bug bombs or fumigating your car may sound like a good idea, but it hardly ever works long-term. If you’ve tried going to a big box store and getting a product to bug bomb your home, you’ll notice that roaches would just leave for some time and return once the stuff has worn off. Would you really want to set one of those things off in your car? I don’t think you’d want to breathe the residuals of the fumes in the close quarters of your vehicle, especially when blasting the air conditioner.


How To Get Rid of Cockroaches from Your Car

If you’re having trouble getting rid of those pesky roaches from your car, you’ve come to the right place. We here at Solutions know just how to control cockroaches that are nesting in your car. Here are several good options to choose from:


  • Nuvan Prostrips work great in ridding roaches from your car. They are perfect for tackling roaches that are in small enclosed spaces like your vehicle and other small spaces like a storage area or garage. Nuvan Prostrips utilizes controlled release technology where a special deep penetrating vapor slowly releases from the strips killing roaches and other insects. contain a  Place some of these in the car and then close it up in the garage for a couple of days. This product's gets to work immediately and you’ll notice results within hours. Nuvan prostrips will continue to work for up to four months so the roaches will be long gone by then. Another great thing about it is that the vapors only kill insects and are not strong enough to affect humans so you can safely drive around without worrying about passing out at the wheel from these strips.


  • Pyrid Aerosol aerosol spray is another good option to go with when treating roaches in your car. It works as a flushing agent and it can do a really good job of flushing out and give you an idea of what is in your vehicle.

  • A few more options include using an insect growth regulator like Gentrol Point Source or a cockroach bait you can lay out like Apex Bait.

Preventing Roaches From Coming Back To Your Car

It’s easier said than done but the mvacuuming carost important way to get rid of the infestation in your car is to stop eating in your car. The problem won’t go away if you keep feeding them and it’d be a waste of using the high quality roach control products above if you are still continuing old habits. If eating in the car is just something you can’t give up, then you better commit to tossing your food bags, wrappers and anything else before exiting your car and having a hand vacuum in your trunk to vacuum up all debris and crumbs.


Bear in mind that roaches will eat practically anything and everything. Remove as much clutter as you can and get rid of things like paper and cardboard. They will eat the car owner’s manual if they have to. They will even eat any specks of dirt left on the carpet.


You need to clean the car thoroughly and do so often. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean floor mats & seat covers and the area underneath before putting them back. If you can, leave them out until the problem is solved. The less places they have to hide, the easier it will be to get rid of them.


Getting rid of roaches in your car isn’t much different from getting rid of them from your home. You need to be persistent with your sanitation methods and patient as the bait and trap and other roach control products do their job in eliminating your roach problem.




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