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Cockroaches in your Electronics? Save Your Gadgets With These Tips

posted this on Jun 26, 2017

Like most of us, after a long, hard day at work or school, we just want to relax and enjoy some entertainment. Whether it’s binge watching a TV show or firing up our favorite game console for a gaming session, we love to use our electronics to decompress and enjoy ourselves. BUT--guess who else loves our electronics as much as we do? Roaches!


Cockroaches typically like to hide in our homes and forage for food but they also like to find warm, dark and secluded areas where they can stay nice and toasty and lay eggs. Electronics provide just the perfect environment for them to gather around.


Whether it's a hefty power supply plugged into an outlet, a game console, or even an internet router, before long the electronic can become crawling with roaches, feces and eggs aplenty. Game consoles and broadband internet routers in particular can become a hotbed for disgusting roaches because they tend to get hot because we use these appliances a lot.


If your game console seems to crash and be acting up all of a sudden, take a closer look, it may have become a nest and breeding ground for cockroaches! And it doesn’t have to be an old appliance either as roaches will jump right on appliances that are brand new if nothing is done to reduce their infestation.  


Clocks, TVs, radios, video game consoles, laptop batteries, you name it, none of them are immune to roaches who love to nuzzle up next to their warmth. The presence of cockroaches is not only gross and annoying, it can potentially be costly because they can potentially damage your expensive electronic appliance.


When cockroaches are wander around in the darkness of a console or a TV, they touch high voltage components – these component often zap them to smithereens, and also short out your product leading to costly repairs or replacements if you don’t intervene.


While it can certainly be gross to see all the roach guts, feces and body parts all up in your favorite electronic appliances, you can put a stop to the cockroach gatherings with a number of different chemical and non-chemical methods. Solutions Pest & Lawn has the tips you need to save your precious gadgets and kill the roaches in your electronics.

How To Kill Roaches In Electronics: Freeze the Cockroaches Out

Cockroaches may loves the heat of our electronics, but they sure hate the cold. They hate it so much because it kills them. When cockroaches are exposed to freezing temperatures they die pretty quickly. So a non-chemical way of killing the roaches in your device if it’s on the smaller side is to seal it in a plastic bag and place it in your freezer for a 3 to 5 days. If you live in a cooler area that has freezing temperatures, bag it and place the item in your garage.


Make sure before you carry this out you know that the device can withstand low temperatures. Electronics with LCD screens will be damaged is exposed to those conditions for such a period of time. When the roaches have died out and you bring the item back to the warmth, allow time for the product to dry out since condensation will occur when the cold appliance returns to warm operating temperatures.

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Blow Them Away

Grab yourself a can of compressed air with a thin spray tip and blow those pesky buggers out of all the nooks and crannies of your electronic device. This is gonna be a icky job as cockroaches will be flying out and will start to scatter. We suggest doing this outdoors. Once you get all the eggs, feces, guts and roach body parts out, you can then focus on eliminating your roach issue in your home so they don’t seek solace in your precious device again.


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Eliminate Roaches with Solutions Insecticidesapex gel bait

Often, the electronic appliance is too large to go with the freezer method to kill the roaches off or blow them outside. If this is the case for you it’s time to use a chemical means of elimination. To avoid risking further damage to your electronic product, we’d suggest avoid insecticidal sprays and going with bait products.


Dusts which contain boric acid or diatomaceous earth will kill roaches effectively once they walk over a dusted area. We suggest using a dust like D-Fense dust in this case. Dust should also be applied around the home where you’ve seen roaches traveling (under furniture, around the kitchen, in cabinets etc).


You should also combine the use of dusts by applying gel bait in and around the high activity areas where you have seen roaches as well as around the electronic appliance itself. Gel baitssuch as the highly recommend  Apex gel bait, contains attractants which the roaches cannot resist trying. Bait gels act as a slow killer, allowing the roaches time to take the bait to their nests and share amongst one another which leads to a domino effect, killing the whole lot of them.


If you would like to use a spray as an added control measure, we suggest using Fipro Foaming Aerosol. This spray immediately foams up and creates a deadly barrier and can be safe to spray inside outlets. We don’t suggest spraying onto or into the appliances tho but to mainly use it as a crack and crevice spray.


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Repeated treatments will be necessary to ensure all roaches are killed. Every couple of weeks renew the treatment methods until you don’t see any more roaches around the device. You should have the problem resolved within a couple months.



Clean up your consoleClean Up Your Console

Once you are completely sure that the roach problem has been eliminated from your electronic appliances you will need to give it a thoroughly cleaning. Unplug the item, bust out a screwdriver and open it up so you can remove all the eggs and fecal matter from the appliance. We recommend not using water or liquid cleaner but rather use brushes and soft cloth or Q-tips.


If it’s a new device make sure that the warranty is not voided by opening the product up. Game consoles tend to have a void sticker. In that case do the best you can from the outside by blowing and gently shaking all the roach droppings out.


By using these tips above and being consistent and persistent, you can rest assured that your electronics will no longer be a cockroach hangout spot. No one wants those disgusting things mucking up their gadgets and by following our advice, they no longer will be able to. For more information on how to kill roaches in electronics, give us a call or reach out to a Solutions expert via email or online chat!


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