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Bug Lady posted this on Oct 4, 2016

There’s a reason why people refer to pigeons as rodents with wings: they’re pesky. And, more importantly, they can create a health hazard at your home or business. Fortunately, controlling birds doesn’t have to be difficult with the range of bird repellent solutions from ePest Solutions.

In some areas, bird traps are the only solution that works, but far more often one type of repellant or another will work to keep birds away. There are a number of options depending on the type of bird and the location the birds are attracted to:

  • The Bird Slide Plastic Bird Remover fits on top of ledges where birds would otherwise take up roost. The slide is a simple triangle-shaped piece of plastic that eliminates the bird’s perch.
  • Bird Coil Bird Deterrent Coils, Bird Flite Bird Control Spikes, Daddi Long Legs Bird Control Wires, Gutter Point Bird Control Spikes, Polli Spike Plastic Bird Spikes, and other similar products also eliminate the bird’s perch, and can be used on top of light fixtures, on rooftops and eaves, in gutters — really anywhere birds seem inclined to hang out.
  • Bird-X Audio Bird Deterrent Pro #1 and other similar bird repellent products emit noises that repel birds.
  • Scare Eye Octopus With Flash Tape, Scare-Eye Balloon Bird Deterrent, Bird Barrier Rotating Screeching Owl, Bird Barrier Zon Scare Gun Propane Cannon, Gator Gard Alligator Head Replica Decoy, and other similar products are designed to repel birds by scaring them.

All of these methods are non-harmful, humane forms of bird repellent that will keep pesky birds (and their mess) away from your home.

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