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Best Mouse Traps on the Market

Bug Lady posted this on Aug 11, 2016


Monica Bird+ | December 21, 2010
Mouse snap traps can be highly effective tool for controlling mice. Here are some helpful tips on trapping mice with snap traps and the various kinds available.

You may consider tying the bait securely t the trigger to prevent the rodent from licking or nibbling on the bait without setting the mechanism off. If for some reason the bait cannot be tied, lets say chocolate syrup then applying on a small amount is recommended.

On Victor type mouse snap traps the tension of the mechanism can be adjusted, by bending the long, narrow metal prong that touches the trigger. In areas where vibrations are heavy then the trap should be made less sensitive to avoid setting them off.

Most people may not think about this fact but when a professional comes he will use a large amount of traps, this makes it more likely that the bulk of mice are caught right away and one can determine if there is heavier populations is certain areas. Twelve or more traps are not too many, remember more is better.

You will get more success if the traps are placed no further than six feet apart, in double sets in highly active areas. Traps can be reused after captures, because mice will not be repelled after with odor from previous rodents can in some cases help you trap more.

Trap baits should be avoided as the success will depend largely upon how much other food is available and what the rodent is accustomed to eating. Oatmeal, whole oats, salami, freshly fired bacon, and chocolate flavor extracts are but a few items that will work well and help you be more successful in your mouse trap endeavors. You can also use small pieces of thread and cloth which mice use for nesting materials. Female mice will be extremely like to seek these items just prior to the onset of cold weather. Also the fabric and thread will not spoil, nor be attractive to other insects.

With the newer mouse trap technology it is easier to trap a mouse without using lures by simply placing the treadle in a position next to the wall where the mouse may step on to it. Traps are effective when they are located against a wall close to or beneath a runway made by leaning a board against the wall, set several traps to prevent the mouse form being able to jump over it.

Using multi use mouse live traps are an effective way to set it and forget it at least for a few days. Mice enter the multi catch traps as a result of their opportunity and behavior to investigate. They do not have to be baited to work, just placed with the opening against wall and in the common run areas.

Pull items away from the wall so the mice will investigate the trap, winding the traps to tightly can break the mechanism. When it is wound half way the mice are gently thrown into the chamber, live mouse in a trap will attract more mice.

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