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The Best Bed Bug Treatment is Prevention

posted this on Oct 6, 2016

One of the most common places to pick up bed bugs is in a hotel due to the large amounts of people staying coming in and out. Although you can check reviews on that hotel, you don’t always know which hotels have infestations until it’s too late.

Avoiding having to use bed bug treatment with this hotel checklist

  1. Always check reviews – Simply go to a search engine and check reviews for your hotel. If they’ve ever had a known problem with bed bugs, chances are you will know very quickly. You can also read reviews to see what condition the hotel is in and if people found it to be clean or dirty.
  2. Inspect your room – The first thing you want to do when you get to your hotel is inspect your room. It’s safest to leave your bags in the car or on the luggage cart/stand until you have thoroughly looked everything over. You can even have everyone in your party stay downstairs and wait for the designated bed bug checker(s) to look it over.
  • Before you do anything make sure you are wearing latex gloves to protect yourself. Bed bugs feast on human blood and can become so engorged that they explode under any kind of pressure. The last thing you want is to have another person’s blood on you.
  • Pull back the sheets, and check the mattress. Check the seams, the tag and the plastic at the bottom. They should be very visible, but it helps to look up pictures of bed bugs before you start the search. Check behind the headboard, in the nightstand and anywhere else near the bed.
  • Make sure you look for fecal matter, eggs and skin. The eggs are small and white and the fecal matter will be black or brown and easily smeared.
  • Bed bugs do not like light so they will normally be in warm, dark places.
  1. Alert management – If you see any signs of bed bugs alert the staff immediately and make sure that you wash your cloths and take a shower. Many times switching rooms is a safe bet; however, you may be more comfortable getting your money back and switching hotels.
  2. Use luggage spray and luggage stands – Luggage spray is an effective bed bug treatment that can help deter bed bugs from your luggage so that you do not carry them home with you. It’s also beneficial to keep your luggage off the ground so that bed bugs cannot easily get into your luggage.
  3. Use dirty cloths bag – Store all of your dirty clothes in a plastic bag off the floor. Seal it tight before putting them back in your bag and wash them immediately when you get home. DEET has also been known to deter bed bugs.

These are the easiest and most efficient ways to avoid having to us bed bug treatment. It has been found that many people who do get bed bugs get them after they or someone in their home has stayed in a hotel. Because of this it is important to be aware and stay alert of anything that looks like bed bug activity.

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