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The Best Bed Bug Killing Sprays To Eliminate Your Bed Bug Problem

Camille Landry posted this on May 17, 2017

bed bugs on bedBed bugs have been an itchy uninvited guest in our bedrooms here in the states for over half a century, making their way to the country via the influx of immigrants after the second World War. Bed bugs are notorious for hitching a ride on luggage when people are traveling and thus those pesky blood suckers established a strong foothold in the USA.


Solutions Pest & Lawn gets a lot of inquiries about how to get rid of bed bugs. Depending on the circumstances, we give people different advice geared to their bed bug problem. However, over all options you can use to treat bed bugs, using bed bug spray is the fastest method of killing bed bugs.


There’s a lot of sprays you’ll see out there that claim to kill bed bugs fast but which one actually does the trick. In this article, we’ll give you the lowdown on the best bed bug sprays out there on the market for eliminate those bloodsuckers from ruining your night’s sleep once and for all.


The Top 5 Best Bed Bug Killing Sprays

Below we have compile a list of the best bed bug killing sprays that we carry in stock. While we have them ranked, all are great in their own way and do a great job in getting rid of bed bugs. If you have looked into a product that isn’t on this list, we’d advise you to beware. Solutions Pest & Lawn only carries products we have tested and tried ourselves, so if we don’t carry it, the means we weren’t impressed with it. Here’s the list:


Zenprox Aerosol InsecticideZenprox Aerosol Insecticide- Etofenprox


Zenprox Aerosol insecticide is a highly recommended bed bug spray and has been flying off of our shelves as one of the best selling products we carry.  The spray comes ready to use and when following our DIY bed bug removal process, we have Zenprox as start of our steps when conducting bed bug control.


Zenprox kills bed bugs on contact, doesn’t leave any stains or strong odors. Combine this spray with the help of other bed bug treatments we recommend such as dusts and IGRs and you’ll see tremendous results.


Bedlam Plus Bed Bug KillerBedlam Plus Bed Bug Killer


Another great spray for killing bed bugs, Bedlam Plus carries with it a great residual that also kills other bugs you didn't even know you had. While this product has an odor, it’s not overpowering. Bedlam is a water-based bed bug spray and non-irritating, so it can be conveniently used to spot treat your mattress and box spring. Also, the product will not stain water-safe fabrics and surfaces. Bedlam is labeled for use in homes, apartments, schools, hotels and healthcare facilities. It comes at a great price so if you want a product that will strike fear in those pesky bed bugs, Bedlam is a great choice.


Temprid Ready SprayTemprid Ready Spray


Temprid Ready Spray stands out as a premium bed bug spray because of it’s dual action features. Aside from killing bed bugs, the product boasts that it can kill over 50 types of pests. Temprid’s main active ingredients are beta-cyfluthrin and imidacloprid which are two powerful bed bug killing insecticides. Beta-cyfluthrin can kill regular species while imidacloprid is able to eliminate species which are resistant to pyrethroids.

According to the manufacturer label, Temprid is not recommended to be sprayed directly on surfaces where people are constantly in contact (cushioned furniture, mattresses). We suggest applying the spray on joints, seams and edges of the mattresses, as well as box springs, bed backs, any furniture and floor cracks, corners, skirting boards, carpets, shelves, cabinets and curtains.

From our honest opinion, we recommend only using Temprid if you have a smaller bed bug invasion.  Based on customers’ reviews, it takes around 2-3 applications in order to completely eliminate a bed bug infestation.


Flex 10-10 InsecticideFlex 10-10 Insecticide


Flex 10-10 is a Solutions Pest & Lawn manufactured product and we highly recommend using it in combination with dusts and one of the above aerosols for the best results in getting totally rid of irritating bed bugs. While we mainly recommend this product to customers who are trying to get rid of mosquitoes, this is also a great bed bug killer. Flex 10-10 is a multi use insecticide containing permethrin and PBO.



Tri-Die Pressurized DustTri-Die Pressurized Dust


Whitmire Tri-Die Aerosol combines the repellency of pyrethrin and the long term stability and repellency of silica dust. Tri-Die leaves a dust residual behind after spraying that kills a wide variety of insect pests. Tri-Die is great pest control product for wall void applications and crack and crevice treatments.


Important Considerations Before Applying Bed Bug Sprays

1. Bed Bug Sprays Work Similarly: The bed bug sprays we carry in stock all function in generally the same way. The manufacturers of the sprays all boast that the products will kill bed bugs on contact immediately and that the chemicals will continue to kill any unfortunate bed bug for a few hours after application. However, no matter the type of spray we recommend applying and treating your bed or infested pieces of furniture more than once to ensure total control.

2. Identify the areas of high activity in the room to be sprayed. Typically with bed bugs, these areas are usually:

  • Pieces of luggage that were recently used for travel. Chances are you’ve brought bed bugs home when you went on vacation. So piece of luggage should be inspected carefully and treated and all items inside the luggage should also be treated (clothes washed and dried, quarantined etc.)

  • Baseboards and floorboards should also be checks as well as carpets, cracks in the wooden floor, corners, door and window frames, behind art paintings or wallpaper, outlets.

  • Furniture and your sleeping areas, the drawers in the chest or cabinets, sofa and armchair upholstery, mattresses, pillows, bed sheets etc.


3. Never Rely On Just One Method of control. Often times, our customers come back to us disappointed after buying a spray and tell us that it didn’t get the job done. When we ask them if they’ve done anything else besides spraying (dusting, sanitation, applied bed bug covers) they usually answer in the negative. We highly advise you to use sprays as one of several methods that should be combined when carrying out a bed bug control program. A well thought-out and thorough bed bug treatment of your home includes: removing and cleaning infested furniture, using non-pesticide means of control like steam cleaning and or heat based killing as well as utilizing bed bed covers for your bedding and furniture.


We hope this article helped you in identifying what bed bug sprays you should highly consider purchasing if you are prepping for bed bug control. Check out our bed bug control page here. Also, check out our knowledge base for bed bug DIY guides.

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