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How to get rid of bed bugs

Bug Lady posted this on Aug 4, 2016

According to a survey conducted by the University of Kentucky and the National Pest Management Association, 99.6 percent of all professional pest management companies, based in America, have encountered a bed bug infestation within the past year. This statistic means that although bed bugs were absent from American businesses and homes for close to 60 years, they are now back with vengeance. Thankfully, if you and your family are experiencing a bed bug infestation, there is help available. You can now obtain professional strength products through companies like ePestSolutions to treat your home, thus eliminating your bed bug problem. Read below to learn about a few of the products offered:

Bed Bug Kit with DeltaDust:

This treatment kit can be used to remove a current infestation or as preventative maintenance. The DeltaDust insecticide is a water-proof dust that is ideal for cracks and crevices around the home. The residual effect of the treatment lasts an astounding eight months, thanks to the fact that its effectiveness is not diminished with moisture.

Climbup Insect Bed Bug Interceptor:

This product offers an eco-friendly way to treat bed bugs. You place them under the feet of the bed at the floor. When bed bugs try to approach the bed, they will climb up and become trapped in the outer pitfall ring, and when bed bugs in the bed climb down, they will get stuck in the center well.

Bed Bug Detector:

Although not a treatment for bed bugs, this product will let you know if you have a bed bug problem, or confirm that you have taken care of your problem, after treatment has taken place. Place the detector on the side of the leg of your bed. The detector will provide ongoing bed bug detection for up to 90 days. The device works by mimicking a living, breathing host, thus attracting host-seeking bed bugs. It also lures bugs by using kairomone, which attracts bed bugs wanting a meal.

There are other products available to treat bed bugs such as sprays and different kind of control kits. The ones listed above are just a sampling of the products on the market. Although its problematic that bed bugs are coming back, and look to be here to stay, at least companies like ePestSolutions are offering a means of treatment in the form of high-quality DIY pest control products, so we can keep our homes and businesses bed bug free.

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