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Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs Part IV: Bed Bug Kit

Bug Lady posted this on Oct 12, 2016

For those of you who think all of these products are great and you want to make sure you take care of your bed bug infestation in one fell swoop, a bed bug kit is the perfect thing for you.

Using a bed bug kit can increase your success in getting rid of bed bugs


In order to accommodate all of our customers, we created a bed bug kit for every size home and every size problem:

Ÿ  Bed Bug kit 1 is the smallest kit we offer. It is great for 1-2 rooms or maintenance and includes 1 16oz bottle of Suspend Insecticide, 1 lb. DeltaDust and a duster.

Ÿ  Bed Bug kit 2 is the next size up and is best for 2-3 rooms and whole apartments. This kit includes the 16 oz. Suspend, 1 lb. DeltaDust and duster, along with 3 D-Force aerosol cans and 3 1 oz. bottles of Gentrol Growth Regulator.

Ÿ  Bed Bug kit 3 is perfect for larger homes. It contains a 16 oz. bottle of Suspend, 1 lb. DeltaDust, a duster, 6 D-Force aerosol cans and 4 1 oz. bottles of Gentrol IGR.

Ÿ  The Commercial Bed Bug kit contains 12 BedLam cans, 16 oz. Suspend, 2 lb. DeltaDust, 16 oz. Gentrol IGR and a duster. This kit is great for office building, very large homes, etc. and the addition of the BedLam cans can help you treat different fabrics, baseboards, headboards, walls, and more.

Ÿ  The New York Bed Bug kit is great for people who live in New York. It will help you get rid of bed bugs and keep them gone for months to come. It includes, 2 cans of BedLam, 1 16 oz. Sterifab, 1 1 oz. bottle of Gentrol IGR, 1 lb. Drione Insecticide dust and a duster.

Ÿ  And last but not least our Prescriptive Bed Bug kit will treat 10-20 rooms and contains, 20 oz. Phantom concentrate, 4 Phantom aerosol cans, 3 lb. Alpine Dust, a bellow duster and a 1 gallon vinyl sprayer. We recommend this kit for large businesses, hotels, pest control professionals, etc.

These kits provide our customers with well-rounded solutions to exterminate even the worst bud bug infestation. Before you purchase any of these kits, evaluate the size of your infestation and decide how much product you will need. Most of these bed bug kits will provide you with leftover product to retreat with.


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