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Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs Part II: Bed Bug Dust

Bug Lady posted this on Oct 12, 2016

Another great product used to successfully eliminate bed bugs is bed bug dust.

bed bug dust does to your bed bugs

Bed bug dust is an insect repellent that works very well in small crack and crevices, on mattresses and other hard to reach/treat places. Active ingredients you can find in our bed bug dust include Orthoboric acid, Boric acid, Cyfluthrin and Pyrethrin.

All of our products have residual effects, for example, DeltaGard DeltaDust can last up to 8 months and Tempo Dust insecticide can last up to one year without being disturbed. Other products only have 4-6 month residual effects, but we always recommend that you retreat before the suggested time frame. Many times the dust can be vacuumed or just moved around by air and can become less effective.

Along with having a long residual effect, DeltaGard is also the only 100% waterproof dust insecticide so you can use it indoors or out and in many different areas. Another important thing is that Alpine dust is works to kill pyrethroid resistant pests. No matter which bed bug dust you choose, they are all made by great companies and have been tested and proven to work very well.

Make sure you also get a duster to apply the dust with. You simply fill the duster no more than two-thirds full in order to allow for adequate air space. These products can also be used in conjunction with many of our other bed bug treatments.



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