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Bug Lady posted this on Oct 12, 2016

Everything You Need to Know About Bed Bug Spray


Falling victim to a bed bug infestation is a horrible feeling. Getting rid of them can seem very difficult and frustrating, but there are methods for eradicating bed bugs quite successfully. Bed bug spray is one of the most effective options for killing these horrible creatures. Read on to find out more about how special sprays can help you in getting rid of these bugs.


Why Bed Bug Spray is so Effective


A major reason why sprays are so effective in killing bed bugs is because they have the ability to get into the cracks and crevices of your furniture, bed, or clothing where these pests tend to hide. With bed bug spray, you will be able to treat the whole infestation usually with one session of spraying. Although using an aerosol is an excellent option for getting rid of these unwanted pests, you should be aware of the different types available to you. It is important to know the differences in both their application and their ingredients before you decide which product will be the best choice for you.


Different Types of Bed Bug Spray


The first type of spray is the pesticide variety. This kind of spray is most effective if you are tackling an extensive infestation and are specifically geared toward killing the bed bugs present as well as killing their eggs so the infestation does not continue. Bed bug pesticides are an insecticide consisting of synthetic chemicals that are proven to be safe. However, it is still a good idea to treat the area and then allow it to fully dry and air out before allowing pets and children back into the area.


The second type of bed bug spray is the repellent spray. This kind of spray is most effective if you want to keep an infestation away. This is especially useful for when you are traveling. In many cases, bed bugs can be picked up in hotels or other public places and, unfortunately, brought home. Using a repellent spray helps prevent this. Bed bug repellent sprays are often made of all-natural ingredients, so you can use repellents and then be in the area right away.

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