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Bug Lady posted this on Oct 12, 2016

When you are away on vacation, business or just a short getaway, you often like to bring back some souvenirs or other trinkets. However, there is definitely one thing you do not want to bring home—and that’s bed bugs.


Unfortunately, with many hotels experiencing bed bug problems, this is a risk that many travelers may face, often without realizing it. It’s probably every hotel guest’s worst nightmare. The worst part is, you usually are unaware of a potential problem until you discover it the hard way.


You wake up in a hotel room with strange bites, or spot a bed bug on the sheets or pillow. At that point it might be too late to avoid infestation—the bed bugs may already have hidden away in your clothing, luggage or other belongings. Now you need to figure out how to get rid of bed bugs before you take them home with you. Short of throwing everything away—including the clothes on your back—how can you avoid bringing these dreaded pests home?


One tip is to avoid putting your luggage on the bed at a hotel—at least, not until after you’ve done an inspection. Many experts advise putting your luggage in the bathroom initially—bedbugs are rarely in there, and if they are, the tile floor in most bathrooms will make them easier to spot. If the worst case scenario happens and you do end up staying in a hotel with bedbugs, there are a few things you can do.


First, put your luggage in isolation when you get home—keep it in the garage or on an outside porch to avoid letting any bedbugs get into your home or other belongings. Then launder clothing in the highest possible heat settings. For the luggage itself and other non-clothing items, the best tactic is cold, heat or treatment with an insecticide. You can find many insecticide products at Solutions that can help solve your bedbug problems.


Equip yourself with our Bed Bug Control Kit which has all you need for thorough bed bug control.

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