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Bug Lady posted this on Oct 12, 2016

If you though that bed bugs were a scourge specific to the Middle Ages that had no bearing on modern life, you were probably pretty surprised to discover them in your own home. Perhaps you went on a trip and they hitched a ride home with you in your luggage or on your clothing, or maybe you bought a second hand piece of furniture and ended up with more than your bargained for. Either way, getting rid of them as quickly as possible is no doubt on your agenda. Fortunately, CY Kick pesticide can help you make those bed bugs a thing of the past. Bed bugs were indeed common in the Middle Ages, and until recently, they were all but extinct in developed countries. They’ve made quite a comeback in recent years, however, leaving many homeowners at the mercy of expensive pest control companies. These companies have worked hard to create the myth that bed bugs are such tough customers that homeowners can’t possibly get rid of them by using DIY products and techniques, but this simply is not the case. You can absolutely rid your home of bed bugs and bypass a high pest control company bill. Here’s what you can do: Start by washing everything in the hottest water possible — bed bugs can’t withstand heat. Items that can’t be washed in hot water can be placed in the dryer on the hottest setting for 10 or 15 minutes, and if that isn’t possible, go over them thoroughly with a steam cleaner. While you’re doing the laundry, remove every bit of necessary clutter from the room. bed bugs hide and lay eggs in the strangest places, including newspapers and magazines. As you’re doing your laundry, store items of clothing in tightly sealed plastic bags for the time being to avoid reinfestation. Vacuum every inch of the room thoroughly, and don’t overlook closets, the insides of drawers, furnishings, and curtains. Don’t forget to get any crevices or cracks in flooring and walls. After you have thoroughly vacuumed the area, go over it again with a handheld steam cleaner. This will kill the bed bugs in all stages of development. Many people skip this step, thinking that they’ve gotten rid of the problem, but that’s probably not the truth. Eliminating the adult bed bugs is one thing, but it’s also very important to kill the eggs and larva to make sure that you don’t have a repeat experience. For extra protection, you can use bed bug-proof mattress and box spring covers in case any bed bugs somehow escaped the treatment. bed bugs can live without food for up to one year, so you’ll have to be sure to leave the covers on for at least that length of time. They won’t interfere with your comfort or sleep, though, so leaving them on for a long time should be no problem. Because bed bugs can get deep into crevices and hidden corners, many homeowners provide themselves with an extra layer of protection by using CY Kick pesticide. Our line was developed specifically for those who want to avoid the exorbitant prices charged by commercial extermination companies. You can buy individual CY Kick pesticide products, entire kits, and steaming and vacuuming equipment. Perhaps best of all, you can get a bed bug control travel kit that will protect you from bringing home any more unwanted guests during your next trip.

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