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Bug Lady posted this on Aug 4, 2016


Bed bugs creep people out and rightly so. They feed on human blood. In homes where bed bug infestations are severe, people have visible bite marks and run the risk of infection and allergic reaction.

While scientific studies have not produced conclusive proof that bed bugs represent a significant health problem, there is scientific evidence available that shows that bed bugs could become a serious health concern. The big question that homeowners have, is how to get rid of bed bugs. There are several products available for DIY or professional bed bug control.


A fairly recent development in pest insect control features products that regulate insect growth. That may sound odd, but insects have specific life cycles. The bed bug belongs to the Hemipteran order of insects, and they represent an incomplete life cycle. For bedbugs, that cycle represents the egg, nymph, and an adult. There are several stages of nymphs before the bed bugs molt and become an adult. The Growth regulators, such as Gentrol Concentrate IGR Insect Growth Regulator, prevents the bug bugs from reaching the adult stage. That is important, because only adult insects can breed. By keeping the population as nymphs, it cannot grow and eventually becomes smaller as bed bugs die. This is a good philosophy for keeping bed bug infestations small while you work with other products to eradicate them. Unfortunately, IGR work slowly and so it is important to add a few other products for quick control of your bed bug problem.


Using a growth regulator is the perfect first punch in a DIY bed bug control regime. The second step is to use a highly effective second method to kill them off. For many homes, that can also mean steam. Bed bugs have shown some resistant to insecticides, due to overuse and poor eradication management. Steamers, such as those made by Vapamore, offer easy to use and frequent application options. Steam can be used on bedding, mattresses, and in clothing storage places, such as closets. It also reaches under baseboards, and behind molding. It is essential that whatever product you use, be able to penetrate the places where bed bugs hide. They are nocturnal insects and in the day time they run for cover. That is one of the reasons, many DIY, and even professional exterminators do a poor job. The key is to hit them where they hide. Using a growth regular in conjunction with regular steam treatment works well to eradicate bed bugs and free your home from these biting pests.

Applying the correct product in the correct location and being through as possible will help any DIY homeowner be more successful when it comes to bed bug control and eradication.  Steamers are a great option for bed bugs because you will not only use it once, but most customers find these items are used everyday for cleaning.

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