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Bed Bugs Enjoying Some Fame

posted this on Aug 11, 2016

Bed Bugs Enjoying Some Fame

I am sure I do not need to inform anyone that Bed Bugs are on the rise in the United States and that now are considered a national pest, meaning it can be found everywhere.  Today in our mobile society we are not only carrying our kids around but maybe even a few opportunistic travelers called the dreaded Bed Bug.

Recently, Bed Bug infestations have enjoyed a resurgence, to the point where Bed Bugs are like a new pest. It is not often the pest control industry is faced with new pests to deal with. The occasional introduced ant species can be challenging, but in general these are localized problems. Bed bugs, however, are a nationwide pest problem in the U.S.  The resurgence of this age old pest has become a significant problem in dorm rooms, hotels, apartments, and permanent residences alike. A variety of methods need to be implemented for a successful management program.

You cannot open an email or read a blog that does not speak about Bed Bugs.  Read a online article that does not have a few paragraphs about these little invaders.   Cities have websites specifically for sharing information on how not to spread Bed Bugs, we at ePestSolutions, received 5 to 6 phone calls and emails a day, we have kits specifically for Bed Bug control.

Conventional adulticides are an important, as well as sanitation and exclusion for cockroaches, fleas, and Bed Bugs.   Other important tools include Insect Growth Regulators (IGRs). IGRs have a strong history of controlling a wide variety of insects such as cockroaches and fleas. In combination with adulticides and other measures, IGRs keep insect populations under control by breaking the life cycle and preventing infestations from rebounding.  When it comes to cockroaches and fleas this is very important aspect of control.


Gentrol is an IGR that is well known in the pest control industry.  Since Gentrol was introduced to the industry in the mid 80’s and it has been used to successfully control cockroaches, stored product pests, drain and fruit flies. The recent addition of Bed Bugs to the Gentrol label offers people another tool in the challenge to control Bed Bugs.

At ePestSolutions we can help control Bed Bugs with our full line of professional Bed Bug control supplies, Bed Bug sprays, dusts, aerosols, Bed Bug pesticide, insect growth regulators and pesticides for the Do It yourself Pest Control homeowner, to kill and control every aspect of Bed Bugs. These professional insecticides, baits and traps once were not available to the general public, now you can use the same products the professional pest control technicians use at a fraction of the cost.

Unfortunately for travelers and renters Bed Bugs are on the rise, but with the correct products and careful attention paid to cracks and crevices Bed Bug control is made easy. We carry a full line of insecticides, dust, aerosols for the control of Bed Bugs. We also carry the full line of Allerzip Allergen mattress and box spring covers, to protect you bedding from Bed Bugs. Products we love: JT Eaton Bed Bug travel size spray to apply to hotel bedding and luggage so that you will not be traveling back with these pesky insects.

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