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Bug Lady posted this on Oct 8, 2016

While bed bugs are a continuing concern in many areas—especially large cities—there are some places that tend be particularly at risk of an infestation of these dreaded pests. Bed bugs are especially problematic in schools, hotels, apartment buildings and other locations where a high volume of people come and go, bringing with them luggage, backpacks and other belongings that can transport bed bugs as sneaky tiny stowaways. Perhaps just as bad as the bed bugs themselves is the panic they can cause. A bed bug problem can also be a huge hassle that can inconvenience many people. In the case of a school or apartment building, a temporary evacuation may be necessary in order to treat the large area involved. Worse, eradicating these pests in this type of area can be trouble because of the likelihood of repeated infestation. This is why it is so important that the owners or residents/visitors of these buildings take immediate steps to employ effective weapons against these insect invaders. Bed bug control may sound intimidating, but some strong insecticide products available for residential use make it a much more manageable task. ePestSolutions has many products that can be effective at fighting bed bugs.

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