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Bed Bugs

Camille Landry Aug 1, 2016

This article will only touch on the use of Clean Brands bed bug encasement systems as an effective tool in helping to manage a bed bug infestation.  Since the 90’s bed bugs have continue to make a noticeable comeback.  Bed bugs are flat, which allows them to get in or hind behind ...

Holiday travel? Don't let the bed bugs bite
Camille Landry Aug 3, 2016

Holiday Travel? Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite As with all holidays, we tend to travel or open our home to friend and family, but with that come the risk of unwanted guest left behind, Bed Bugs. When you travel and stay at hotels it is important to do a little inspection when you arrive, do ...

Easy to use Guide for Bed Bug Control
Camille Landry Aug 3, 2016

Bed bug control and prevention requires a fair amount of time and effort to achieve success, but it can be done.              One of the most important parts of the treatment is the inspection process.  It takes time to re...

Bug Lady Aug 4, 2016

  Bed bugs creep people out and rightly so. They feed on human blood. In homes where bed bug infestations are severe, people have visible bite marks and run the risk of infection and allergic reaction. While scientific studies have not produced conclusive proof that bed bugs represent a ...

How to get rid of bed bugs
Bug Lady Aug 4, 2016

According to a survey conducted by the University of Kentucky and the National Pest Management Association, 99.6 percent of all professional pest management companies, based in America, have encountered a bed bug infestation within the past year. This statistic means that although bed bugs were a...

Bed Bugs Enjoying Some Fame
Bug Lady Aug 11, 2016

Bed Bugs Enjoying Some Fame I am sure I do not need to inform anyone that Bed Bugs are on the rise in the United States and that now are considered a national pest, meaning it can be found everywhere.  Today in our mobile society we are not only carrying our kids around but maybe even a few...

ClimbUp Eco-Friendly Bed Bug Inceptors
Bug Lady Aug 11, 2016

New ClimbUp Eco-friendly Bed Bug Interceptors   Stop the bed bugs before they make it up into your bed.  No one wants unwanted guest in their home and bed bugs would be the worst.  The new Climbups are easy to use have no chemicals and will stop them in their tracks.   Thi...

Bed Bug Control Recommendations, To Bomb or Not to Bomb
Bug Lady Aug 11, 2016

We are constantly asked the question can you use a bomb for bed bug control and our answer is NO.   Here is a little explanation as to why it will not work and it not an effective method of bed bug control.  Fogging does not get active ingredient, Pyrthum into those tight cracks and c...

What are Nuvan Prostrips
Bug Lady Aug 11, 2016

What are Nuvan Prostrips? They are effective against many common pests, including crawling and flying insects. Nuvan Prostrips are odorless and colorless protection.  The vapor is effective and yet virtually non-detectable by humans and pests. Advantages Unique application method Unique...

Bug Lady Oct 4, 2016

Bed bugs are among the most feared and dreaded of all household pests. It’s not just that their bites can be painful, itchy—and embarrassing. They are also feared because of their intimidating reputation for having amazing survival skills. Bed bugs are notoriously tough to get rid of,...

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