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Bug Lady posted this on Oct 8, 2016

In this article we focus on the epidemic of bed bugs and how to prevent them from entering your home. And, to tell you the truth, I can hardly even write this article. The research alone is causing me to itch in places that I had forgotten could itch. I can no longer accurately assess if my itchy spots are real or completely imaginary. To top it all off, I recently bought a chair from a second hand store and am near torching it in the back yard just to be safe.


Now that I have that out of the way, perhaps I can share my heebie jeebies with you. Bedbugs…bedbugs…bedbugs. Who knew?! They are experiencing resurgence. After fifty some odd years of being at near extinction, the little terrors are fighting their way back to the top as the ickiest, grossest, nastiest of household pests. I mean, if the Rolling Stones can do it, why can’t Bedbugs?


Let us begin with the presupposition that you DO NOT have any bedbugs in your home or any planning to move in. Start with the positive I say! So how do you prevent the tiny blood suckers from moving in? Well a little bed bug info first. Bedbugs are hitch hikers. Yes, they are hitch hikers. I don’t approve of the human kind and I’m no less fond of some insect kind. But what that means to you is that they will hitch a ride into your home in boxes, suitcases, clothing, etc. and then plant themselves in their most comfy of spots, your bed.


They can sense the carbon monoxide of humans and follow the trail. They are the width of a credit card, so if you can stick a credit card in it, bedbugs can hide in it. They normally feed every 5-10 days, but have been known survive without feeding for up to a year. And by feeding, I mean sucking the blood of a sweetly sleeping human. JEEEZZZ!! Can it get any better?!


To prevent them from hitching a ride into your home, be vigilant in the following: Check any and all used or second hand furniture for signs of bed bug activity prior to relocating it to you home. These may be dark spots like a marker bleed, rusty or reddish stains, small rice like eggs, bed bug casings or live bed bugs…. Shudder….. If you buy used clothing wash them in the high temperature cycle as soon as you get home. Encase mattresses in a light colored mattress protector. This will help identification and reduce places for bed bugs to hide.


Reduce clutter in your home, again to decrease places for the beasts to hide. When traveling: OMG! CHECK THE MATTRESS and Headboard for ANY signs of bed bug activity. If anything looks questionable, remove thy self post haste to the nearest bed bug free hotel! Use the luggage rack instead of putting your suitcase on the floor Wash everything on the high temperature wash as soon as you return home. We’ll focus on treatment in the next installation of; BED Bug, BAD Bug…ciao!

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