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Bug Lady posted this on Oct 8, 2016

Budgets can make or break you. Even if you try to plan for every foreseeable disaster, you may still come up short. Difficulties and emergencies can hit without notice and leave you penniless. Pest control is often overlooked in the budget meeting. Knowing how much pest control costs for professional services versus doing it yourself can give you peace of mind when the time comes. THE AVERAGE PEST CONTROL COSTS IF YOU CHOOSE A PROFESSIONAL PEST CONTROL COMPANY. The type of pest you are treating and extent of infestation, may strongly influence the total cost of treatment. Professional pest control companies can charge as much as $50-70 for a first application. However, an initial treatment only guarantees your home bug free for 90 days. For peace of mind, you would need to schedule monthly, quarterly, or bi-annual treatments. Charging a fee for every visit and making sure that you stay pest free can run up to almost $500 a year. What else could you be doing with $500? For rodents, you’ll often pay $75-100 for a company to set traps around your property and then return to your house to check the traps. The visit would also include a lesson on why you have a rodent problem and how to do perform preventative maintenance. Instead of paying someone to place and remove a trap, save that money and do it yourself. Time is money. It’s cheaper to rid yourself of pests than to pay someone to do it for you. Average pest control costs from a professional pest control company can bleed you dry, doing something that you can do for a lot less. Solutions understands this and makes it possible for anyone to use pest control products on a budget. Our experienced team of entomologist are always available to answer questions about what type of bug or rodent you have and what product would be best for getting rid of them. We carry top quality products that provide the same results a professional pest control company. So place your order today, because that $500.00 dollars isn’t going to save itself.

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