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Ask a Pro: Identifying a Lawn Pest

Camille Landry posted this on Jun 28, 2017



Can you identify these bugs and tell me what kind of chemical I can use to get rid of them.  We are having an evening wedding on July 22 in the back yard.  Help! I live in the San Jose Bay Area of California. 

Thank you,


June bug identification 



Solutions Response:


Hi Jerry,

This is a Japanese Beetle or common name June Bug. The larval stage is very destructive to turf and plant roots.

You need to apply Reclaim IT at a rate of 1oz per 1000sqft. Make sure to apply plenty of water to get could penetration beneath the soil surface. This is easily accomplished by using a hose end sprayer.

Both products can be found on our website at solutionsstores.comShould you have any other questions, please email or call me at 713-955-0932.

Thank you for the interest in Solutions and good luck.

Keith McCoy
VP of Sales



Sometimes it can be tough trying to identify a problem pest or weed on your own. They may be too small or so unique that you can't make it out. If you send us a picture of your problem pest or weed to identification@solutionsstores.com, we will reply back to you with the proper identification of your issue and give you suggestions and recommendations on the best method of control. Keep this in mind next time you encounter an issue, we're glad to help.

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