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Ask A Pro: Help Controlling Chameleon Plant

Camille Landry posted this on Jul 5, 2017



I have chameleon plant (Houttuynia cordata) invading my garden and lawn.  It is well established and was planted before I bought the house.  It is now expanding its range.  It is growing around my vegetable garden, under a Crepe Myrtle, under the shed, the fence and a walkway.  Can you suggest something safe to use near the crepe myrtle?  Is there anything safe to use in a vegetable garden?
Would it be possible to use an herbicide that I hand paint on the Houttuynia leaves to minimize the damage to nearby plants?
Thank you,



Solutions Response:

Hi Deb, as you have already figured out, this is an extremely hardy plant and a bear to kill.

There are few products labeled to kill Chameleon. Due to the close proximity to the garden and tree, I would recommend Eraser. The product contains Glyphosate, and because it is a non-selective herbicide, you will want to make sure not to apply to the foliage of plants that you desire. If some spray gets on the tree trunk, it will be okay. Several applications at 3 weeks apart might be necessary.

You can review the Eraser label and purchase from our online store at solutionsstores.comShould you have further questions, please email or call me at 713-955-0932.

Thanks and good luck,
Keith McCoy
VP of Sales


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