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Ask A Pro

Q&A: Exciter in my 6208 Tri Jet Fogger
Aug 4, 2016

Question: Can I use exciter in my 6208 tri jet fogger that I recently bought off of your company and If so what is a good mixing rate for general pest application like spiders and such in crawl spaces? Solutions Response: ExciteR pyrethrin concentrate contains 6% pyrethrins and can be used alo...

Ask A Pro: Crabgrass ID and Recommendations
Mar 1, 2017

Recently we had one of our customers send an email to us asking for an ID on a weed growing on his lawn. Here's what he asked along with a image submission of his problem weed:     Can you id and suggest post-emer control in hybrid bermuda?  Thanks.   -Michael   ...

Ask A Pro: Grassy Weed Control on Fescue Lawn
Mar 23, 2017

Here's a transcript of a recent live chat with a customer who wanted to know what the best weed-killer is to treat fescue lawns. Check out the response below:   Solutions Representative : Welcome to Solutions Stores live chat. Where we aim to solve your pest problems! My na...

Ask A Pro: Kentucky Bluegrass Aeration and Seeding Preparation
Mar 23, 2017

A yard owner who has switched to a new grass on numerous occasions has a question about what products are best to use to break in his new Kentucky bluegrass and in what sequence:   Solutions Rep : Welcome to Solutions Stores live chat. Where we aim to solve your pest proble...

Ask A Pro: Identification of Crabgrass and Dandelion w/ Recommendations
Mar 28, 2017

Spring is in full bloom so you may be hit with some surprises which creep up on your lawn: weeds! A customer recently had some eyesores emerge onto his lawn and needed help identifying them. Here's what he shared and our response:   Weed 1   Weed 2   Our Response:  ...

Ryegrass Identification and Recommendations.
Apr 4, 2017

  On this edition of Ask A Pro, A customer recently sent the following question to us with the following attached image:   Customer Question: Hi.  I did a lawn renovation last fall.  I used straw as a top dressing so the seed wouldn't wash away on a hill.  I think i...

Ask A Pro: Identification of Invasive Lawn Weeds
Apr 13, 2017

Recently we had a customer contact us after finding out about us from The Lawn Care Nut. Here we helped him ID his invasive lawn weeds.   Customer:   Hi there. I found your info on a YouTube channel named the Lawncare nut. Are you able to help me identify these weeds in my lawn an...

Ask A Pro: Weed Identification and Suggestions
May 11, 2017

Recently we had a customer reach out to us to identify some troublesome weeds on his lawn. He wasn't sure what products to use because he didn't quite know what specific weeds he was dealing with. Fortunately, he contacted us and we helped him identify the problem weeds and offered products sugge...

Ask A Pro: Virginia Buttonweed ID and Recommendations
Jun 1, 2017

Hello,Your website offers to identify weeds and recommend a herbicide and treatment plan.  The internet says this is Virginia buttonweed.  Agree?  In addition to suggesting a treatment plan, can the local store in Cypress, Texas refer me to someone how can apply herbicide and aerat...

Ask A Pro: Dealing with Oxalis after Rainfall
Jun 1, 2017

Hey Guys, after we got a huge rainfall here in Orlando I had a small patch of these guys pop up. The area is where we used to have a small bush that was torn out and the entire area was re-sodded. Just FYI, the sod has only been down for about 2 weeks, but is rooting well.Thanks for your help,E. ...

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