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Zoecon ant bait products and their differences

Bug Lady posted this on Aug 3, 2016

Zoecon is the manufacturer of 3 ant bait products, but picking the one that will work the best for you can be complicated, so we have a little bit of information to share with each of the ant baits main characteristics.

Extinguish Professional Fire Ant Bait


Contains an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) that can be applied to anywhere ants will go. This will prevent the queen of the ant colony from reproducing. It is a very attractive bait that is readily picked up Fire Ants.

It will completely eliminate a colony and is approved for residential turf, landscapes and many other areas. For the full list of application areas it is best to consult the product label that can be found on our website.

Grazing animals do not have to be removed from the area and it has not grazing restrictions.

Extinguish Professional Fire Ant Bait will eliminate and control the entire colony without relocation which can occur with other insecticides.

Main active ingredient is Methoprene 0.5%

Extinguish Plus Fire Ant Bait


It not only has the IGR but an added adulticide that will kill the adult ants. This product offers a very long lasting fire ant control program and will eliminate the entire colony without any relocation from the ants.

It will start killing ants immediately after ingestion and can prevent colonies from spreading and the fire ants getting out of hand. It can be applied in a broadcast application or used to treat individual mounds.

Contains both active ingredients Methoprene 0.5% and Hydramethylnon.

ProBait Ant Bait


Probait Ant Bait will kill the imported and native fire ants plus harvester, bigheaded and Argentine ants.

Contains a very attractive bait matrix that makes this ant bait irresistible to ants and fire ants. It only takes 1 – 1.5lbs per acre as a broadcast application.

For Direct mound application you can apply 2 to 5 tablespoons as an individual mound treatment.

Available in a 2.5lb container and also larger 25lb bag.

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