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How to Treat and Inspect for Fire Ants in Your Yard

Bug Lady posted this on Oct 5, 2016


When it comes to fire ant control, we can all be a little confused as to the best approach for control. There are so many different types of approach, but really the best is to use a professional strength fire ant bait. What is a bait? It is a insecticide that is created to resemble a food source, so they are coming to it, rather than trying to get the fire ant to come in contact with your chemical. The way it works is that the worker or foraging ants find the bait, take it back to the colony and share if with the larvae, workers and colony.


There are three main portions of bait formulation, corn cob granules, soybean oil, and then the actual insecticide. No matter what active ingredient that is in the particular fire ant bait, it’s main function is to interrupt the life cycle of the ant colon and ultimately cause colony death. Some of the fire ant baits on the market contain an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR), this does not kill the workers or queen but instead stops the larvae from developing into adults, so the colony does not continue or survive. IGR’s typically work very slow, but are very effective.


Application of fire ant bait is either applied directly to the mound or broadcast. Broadcast application works better because you do not need to locate the fire ant mound. When you apply in a broadcast method, which if you have not figured out is simply spreading it over the entire property, you do not have to locate all the mounds and the fire ants on the property will fine the fire ant bait and pick it up and share it back at the colony. This is an easy and effective method, but it also controls ants in an areas for longer, and takes less labor to apply. Fire ant bait is typically not very expensive, and poises little threats to humans, pets or the wildlife. All in all, fire ant bait is the best solution for all your fire ant control needs.


To make sure all your efforts are successful with fire ant bait application, it is recommended that you follow the exact application recommendations provided on the products label. Over application of the bait will not make it work better you will only be wasting your money. You want to make sure that the fire ants are actively foraging when you apply the bait, you can find ants foraging at a wide variety of temperatures, but it is best to offer them a small sampling of the bait to ensure they are interested in that bait at this particular time in the year. Make sure you are applying fresh bait, using it all in 1 year and not storing it, would be the recommended procedure. Keep you bait dry and out of water contact, so do not apply fire ant bait is you are expecting a rain in the next 24 hours. Also do not contaminate your fire ant bait with another insecticide, meaning do not mix with Talstar granules when you apply. Ants are very sensitive to chemicals and can and will avoid the bait you want them to pick up because they can sense the chemical of the other.


Most of the fire ant baits work slowly and there is a reason for this, you want time for it to be shared throughout the entire colony, if they started having tons of dead ants immediately the fire ant could stop sharing the bait and remove the dead from the colony. Also the faster the bait works the faster the area is for reinvasion. You should expect the bait to control for 2 to 3 months and you can get 80 to 95 percent control.


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