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Bug Lady posted this on Oct 11, 2016

Carpenter ants can be very damaging to property, especially due to their many satellite colonies. Don’t let them do any more destruction at your house. Before calling expensive exterminators that will be back again and again, take matters – and your property – into your own hands. Here’s some easy steps to outsmart these tricky and stealthy creatures.

First, locate all nests by following scouts and ant lines. Note that there may be many nests and some may be outside. Ants are most active at night so get extra batteries for your flashlight. Be patient and don’t kill scouts while in your discovery mode. It may take some strong will power not to stomp on them with your heaviest boots!

Have you found damaged wood while on the ant hunt? Make appointments with (human!) carpenter contractors to fix the problem areas or procure supplies needed to make the fixes yourself. Be ready to not only throw a party when the ants are gone but do some work to prevent them from coming back!

Aply toxic gels such as Maxforce Carpenter Ant Bait that the worker ants will mistake for food and bring back to their nests to share with their shady worker ant friends and seedy, lady queens. Little do they know what you have planned for them! They really love this stuff so be generous with such a tasty and deadly treat!

Spray compromised wood with liquid Termidor to deter and kill more insects. It can be used as an in-ground perimeter treatment when poured in a trench around your home. Also use it to saturate and surround any nests you find out of doors. This is what the professionals use! Although it is pest safe, only use it outside. Dousing everything with ant killer will feel good, we promise!

Broadcast Fipronil granuals in the form of Advance Carpenter Ant bait around your home to kill any stragglers who may be scouting out new structures to move into. These guys may have also fled the colony if you disturbed it previously. Don’t let them find a new place to live on your property. The Fipronil will not only take down the vacancy sign but will destroy it too!

Check the rest of your home and yard for moist or damaged wood. These are carpenter ants favorite haunts. To prevent damp wood issues, fix leaking pipes or garden hoses, move firewood away from structures, cut down rotten trees, and remove stumps or rotting logs. Moisture and ants, be gone!

Also, give your kitchen a thorough scrubbing to remove any food residue that any future ants may be attracted to. Be sure to check the back of the cabinets and pantries, around and under the stove, and under and behind the fridge. Your food belongs to you, not the ants! A tidy kitchen makes for a happier home, after all.

Job well done. Sit back, put your feet up, and enjoy that party, carpenter ant free thanks to Solutions!

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