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Bug Lady posted this on Oct 12, 2016

Ants are nature’s resourceful creatures, but when they cross the line into your territory,
you may want to keep reading on how to kill ants. If you want to be successful at your first
attempt – and who wouldn’t – you need to identify what type of ants you are being invaded by.
Consult with your favorite online DIY pest control supplier and take a look at their pictures to
find the ones you need to eradicate.

Think of ants as a whole colony, not just a few out on your patio roaming around. They are an
entire system that must be treated correctly.

Why Understanding the Life of an Ant is Necessary

This step is very important and you probably want to know why. Just killing the ants you
see will not take care of the problem. You need to get at the source of their colony and take
out their queen, her workers, and her nursery. Some species of ants actually have multiple
queens, this information is vital to know so you do not inadvertently cause that colony to
separate, giving you an even bigger ant infestation. Do not get discouraged, just identify
which type of ant you are dealing with then find the right insecticide, bait, or traps that will be
effective against these mighty little weight lifters.

Ant Control Not Working?

If you have been spraying a quality product on your ants but the problem still persists, you
have improperly identified the ants and are using the wrong product for them. If you have
been using a spray which has not worked, you may need to switch to a baiting program. Ant
baits entice the ants to take the bait back to their colony and share it with the workers.

The other type of program you can try is a contact insecticide which includes aerosols,
granules, dusts, and sprays. These products kill the insects as they crawl over them or
touch them. So once you have identified the ants and think you know where they are
homesteading, you can begin to treat your home.

There are various products that work best indoors and others that work best outdoors. Please
use all the products responsibly and always read and follow the label’s directions for safety
and maximum effectiveness.

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