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Bug Lady posted this on Oct 12, 2016
If you are having ant issues in your home and need to know how to kill ants, keep
reading. It really does not matter what type of ants you have – whether they are black
ants, sugar ants, pharaoh ants, or carpenter ants – ants are ants. They are annoying
and in some cases can cause structural damage to your home. Today, you can
purchase professional strength ant supplies, traps, and baits so you can effectively take
care of the problem yourself without an expensive visit from a pest control technician.


There are aerosols, dusts, granules, and bait formulations for the organic do-it-
yourselfer, so have no fear; you do not need strong chemicals to kill your ants. There
are some things you can do around your home to keep ants from getting in your home
in the first place. The first thing you should do is eliminate any points of entry that may
exist in your house by caulking cracks and crevices and insulating other areas.


Tips to Keep Your Home Ant-Free
Keep all bushes and deep mulch piles from touching your home and if you have any
piles of wood lying around, keep them as far from your house as possible as carpenter
ants love to burrow in moist wood to create their nests. If you find a tree that is infested
with ants, you should treat that tree so the ants do not migrate inside your home.


Follow the label thoroughly on any product you are using. The insecticides on the
market today are very safe, some are even labeled to use inside your kitchen area, but
you must follow directions. Using more chemical than is labeled is not always better and
in some cases, can split the ant colony, creating an even bigger problem.


Dust, Granules, Aerosols at Your Disposal
Your trusted online pest control supplier will have all the tools and products you need to
keep your home ant-free while also keeping you, your loved ones, and pets safe from
harmful and toxic chemicals. Dust formulations are great for sugar ants, carpenter ants,
and other ants located inside cracks and crevices. Granule formulations work great in
the yard to control the outside ant population like fire ants. Aerosol formulas are great to
have on hand to kill just about any pest and insects.
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