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Bug Lady posted this on Oct 12, 2016

There are a host of pests that can prove to be excessively bothersome in a residential or commercial setting, but ants are amongst the worst.  Ant removal isn’t that difficult when considering all of the products out there, but for pet owners it’s vital to find products that are safe for their furry friends.  Luckily, this isn’t an impossible task.  There are a few methods of ant removal and a few products that can go a long way in keeping pets safe.

Hitting them at the Nest

One way of handling an ant problem is to kill them before they ever get into a home.  One way of doing this is by applying grits or corn meal to an ant bed.  Ants cannot digest this food, and this means that they’ll die soon after eating it.  This is completely nontoxic and thus safe for animals, but it could take several applications to see results.

While there are an abundance of products that can be sprinkled on ant hills without harming animals,powders and desiccant dusts are likely the safest.  Many of these products are completely natural and this makes them safe for pets and even children.  On top of all that, they do great at destroying nests.

Interior Infestations

A person obviously won’t want any of the aforementioned dusts sprinkled throughout their homes, but luckily some aerosol sprays are just as pet-friendly.  There are also botanical insecticide sprays which received that label from the EPA saying they are safe to use in the home and around pets.

Killing ants with pets around may seem difficult, but with the right products, it’s not.

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