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Getting Rid of Argentine Ants for Good!

Bug Lady posted this on Aug 11, 2016
Getting rid of Argentine ants for good.

Comments: Hello, I live in a single detached family house in the Santee area (92071) near San Diego, and for years have had infestations of what look like Argentinean ants, both, outside and inside the house. Winter comes and they seem to be all over inside the house. I make sure nothing that attracts them is left outside (seen thousands and thousands in the kitchen after a minuscule drop of honey), but they are so determined that they are now squeezing by the hundreds even inside the freezer (where they die thanks God), bathrooms and all rooms in the house, mainly what I call explorers searching for food. Outside they roam by what looks like millions, with colonies in my property but also coming from the neighboring houses. I’d like to once and for all get rid of this pest. Can you recommend a product that will do the job, both, outdoors and indoors? My only requirements are that the product really be effective, but not destructive of plants/fruit trees and not a carcinogen. Thank you! Dario
Termidor is the way to go, it can be sprayed on the exterior of the house and only in plumbing penetrations inside.  But if the ants are foraging in both places it will work like a charm.
Termidor is non repelling, so the ants will continue to move about in the chemical band, they will take the chemical back to the nest / colony and creat a “domino” effect, eliminating all including the queen.
For ant control there is nothing better.  Please let me know if I can assist you any further.
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