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Fipronil 0.0143G Fire Ant Treatment

Bug Lady posted this on Aug 10, 2016

Fipronil 0.0143G Fire Ant Treatment










One application provides a full year of protection-guaranteed and backed by Control Solutions Inc.

Just one broadcast application of professional-strength Fipronil 0.0143G provides control of fire ants for one year. Guaranteed.

CSI backs up the Certified Fipronil Professional by promising to take care of any product costs related to re-treatment of fire ants.

Fipronil is labeled for use on:                                        

–          Residential lawns                                                        – recreational areas

–          School grounds                                                            – golf turf

–          Commercial lawns                                                      – sports fields

–          Cemeteries                                                                 – sod farms

–          Parks                                                                           – landscape beds

–          Campsites                                          

Application guidelines.

Fire ants, like all insects, require moisture to survive. During hot, dry weather, they burrow deeper into the soil to find more moisture and cooler temperature. In contrast, when adequate moisture and moderate temperatures are present, fire ants are active on the surface – and most vulnerable to insecticides. Faster results are achieved when Fipronil is watered in with rain or sprinklers.

  • Fipronil can be applied any time of year. Quicker control will be seen when ants are actively foraging.
  • Granules are broadcast over the area that fire ant control is desired, creating an exclusion zone by controlling existing mounds and preventing new ones from establishing.
  • Using conventional spreader equipment, apply Fipronil at 2 pounds per 1,000 square feet.
  • Thorough coverage is paramount as mounds can establish themselves in areas missed by broadcast coverage.
  • Use baits in areas where you can’t apply Fipronil broadcast granules, including hardscapes like sidewalks, driveways, pool decks and near water.
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