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Camille Landry posted this on Aug 2, 2016


Hello: I need a spray or dust for indoors to control carpenter ants. We have pets and edible food plants inside so we are looking for natural materials. Will the ecoexempt dust or spray get rid of carpenter ants without harming our indoor fruit trees, herb plants, or pets? Thank you for your advice.

You will want to look at the carpenter ant baits, maxforce carpenter ant or Advance carpenter ant bait.  It can be placed where ants are moving about and kept out of contact with pets, if you search in the evenings right before dark you can sometimes find out where they are moving about on the exterior and bait there also.
Both the products work very well you will want to keep baiting until you stop seeing any ants.  The Advance is a granular bait faint smell of dried shrimp that is picked up and ingested by the carpenter ants, they will also bring it back to colony and share it with larvae for a domino effect and total colony elimination.  The maxforce carpenter ant gel is a syringe type tube with a honey dew formulation of bait, so it will be somewhat like preserves.  It will have the same Domino Effect on the carpenter ant colony.  At www.solutionsstores.com  we also have these 2 products included in a kit which helps give you both carpenter ant food types for the ants selection so you can’t go wrong. Carpenter Ant Kit.Please let me know if I can help in any other way   
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