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Questions on Ants in the Kitchen

Camille Landry posted this on Aug 2, 2016

Hi, I really need some advice on how to rid my kitchen of ants. I’ve tried many products and after application, they seem to go away and then come right back again in full force. This has been going on for a few months now and nothing that I’ve bought has worked. HELP!!! Thank you, Mark

Can I ask what you have used in the past?

Sorry, I don’t have any of the boxes left, but I’ve tried a bunch of commercial products typically bought at either Wal or K-Mart, Home Depot etc. I’ve bought powders, a device that has a liquid in it and is arched, claiming to kill not only the ants in sight but the nest too, and none have worked even the slightest bit. They are everywhere in the kitchen. I am at my wits end with these ants! This morning, they literally covered my coffee maker. And there’s nothing really there to attract them, I don’t think. I was told that boric acid mixed with sugar, water and flour into a paste would get rid of them, but I haven’t tried that yet. Your thoughts? Thanks again, Mark

Let me recommend buying one of the ant kits, with dual choice ant stations, this will make sure you are supplying a selection of food sources so they will pick up the bait. Maxforce contains fipronil which is a superior ant bait. This should do the trick!

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