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Bug Lady posted this on Oct 12, 2016


If you need to know how to kill carpenter ants yourself, keep reading. These lovely ants
are very social and live in colonies, especially in wood which they hollow out to build
nests. If you have carpenter ants in your home, you probably have moisture problems in
your house along with rotting wood which needs to be thoroughly removed not only to
protect your home, but to keep these wood boring insects from literally eating away at
your home.

Carpenter Ants Do a Lot of Damage

It is important to note that they do not eat and digest wood like termites; they just bore
through it trying to find the ideal location for their nesting place. In the Pacific NW
region, carpenter ants cause more property damage than do wildfires. If you have
these in your home, you need to eliminate them right away to prevent further damage.
Chances are if you see a carpenter ant inside your house, even if it is just one, you
probably have a colony nesting comfortably somewhere in your house.



Disconcerting as that knowledge is, just know that you can effectively treat these pests
yourself and protect your castle from such invaders. They are highly attracted to piles of
ant bait rather than a spread out application of another insecticide. So buy your ant bait
at your trusted online pest control supplier and place the bait in small piles where you
see evidence of carpenter ant trails.


Become an Ant Detective

Of course, you will need to find where they are living and entering your home. This may
take some time and determination, but it can be done. Once you find where they are
entering, you can determine where their nest is in your house. This method will save
you hundreds of dollars by doing it yourself and not hiring a professional technician. The
ant baits you buy online are the same chemicals the professionals use at a fraction of
the cost. So spend a little time becoming an ant detective and getting your professional
strength ant bait today and take back your home from these wood boring pests.
So when you are dealing with a Carpenter Ant Infestation this spring remember you can Do It  Yourself like a professional.  Find a full line of Carpenter Ant products to control inside and outside your home or structure.
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