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How to Get Rid of Ants

posted this on Aug 1, 2016

TAKE THEM DOWN EARLYan ant hill. Home of potentially hundreds of ants

Getting rid of ants in your home is a relatively easy job if you catch the problem early and you know what type of ants that you are having an issue with. So for the most part we would recommend you be somewhat of a detective, observe your ants, just do not spray them with hair spray. See if you can figure out where they care trailing from and what type of food are they attracted to, sugar or protein.


If you want to know how to get rid of ants, you should first determine if you are inviting your ant problem. That means you should look for the source the ants are attracted to. This could be some spilled cola under your refrigerator, a piece of candy dropped in a corner or some loose garbage that escaped its container. You need to clean up anything that may be a food source, since the next steps is going to be to offer them something yummy to eat, but deadly.


Ok so we are ready to take care of our ant problem, there are a variety of ant baits, in gel and stations and you will need to decide what works best for you. Stations are easier to put out, and if you have pets or children that may gain access to the gel then best to use stations on counters, etc, The reason we wanted to figure out what they were eating in your kitchen is because now we can decide what bait to use. They can be sugar attractant or protein attractant, Advance Dual choice will have both varieties included in the stations so you are covered.

Make sure to keep the bait fresh and also not to apply the bait anywhere that you will be using cleaning products, this can cause an aversion to the bait and we have gone through all this work we want them to think we have just laid out the golden corral buffet for our little ant buddies and all their friends.

Let’s say we have seen them coming in through your plumbing under sink or around a window opening you can use a non repelling insecticide that is in a foam. Makes it really easy to just pump a little chemical into the wall voids or entry points and this will take care of the colony no matter where they are located. Even if we do not know where they are located.


You will next want to “ant proof” your home. There are a variety of ant insecticides available that will help you do the job. Spray any potential entryways where the ants may enter your home a good non-repelling one will take care of the problem Inside of the home, I would recommend sticking to baits and gels as they are much more targeted and effective when it comes to ants and other social insects.


Spray along the foundation 3 feet out and a also spray up the siding 3 feet inches or so. While you are spraying around your foundation.


If you follow all the steps and recommendations you should soon be called the ant slayer and earn the badge of professional ant killer!!! But remember we are here to help talk you off the ledge, point you in the right direction and even be your mentor who gives you courage when you need!


Call or email askpro@solutionsstores.com and let us show you have to be the best Ant Slayer on the Planet or at least in your own home!

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