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How to Control Crazy Raspberry Ants

posted this on Oct 18, 2016

Crazy Rasberry Ant Control



Newest Pest to Hit Texas



  • Rapid and erratic movement

  • Reddish-brown in color

  • Small, measuring about 1/8-inch in length

  • The body is scattered with long, coarse hairs

  • Males and females have wings; however, males rarely fly and females shed their wings after mating


  • Crazy ants are highly adaptable, living in both moist and dry habitats.

  • They do not build nests or mounds, but instead live in yard waste, tree cavities, plants, soil under trash or stones, and inside electrical equipment and buildings.

  • Crazy ants are mostly in the southern United States, especially along the Gulf Coast states of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida.

  • Form Loose Foraging Trails


  • Mostly a nuisance and annoyance because of their sheer numbers.

  • Swarmed by millions of these little crazy ants, but that is what has happened.

  • Do not have stingers but can bite and the bite can be slightly painful.


Crazy Ant Control Methods

Perimeter Ant Baits


  • Crazy ants can be difficult to treat due to the sheer size of their interconnected colonies and the fact they dwell both indoors and outdoors.


  • Even when crazy ants are contained in an area, others quickly arrive from untreated areas, making multiple treatments necessary.


Liquid Ant Baits



  • If you notice a great deal of ant activity near electrical outlets or electrical boxes, try placing baits in these areas.


Liquid Perimeter Insecticide


  • Apply a non repellent insecticide such as Taurus SC to the trails, apply at least 2 times to control the colony.


  • Fipro for any trails or entry points

Keep them Outside:


  • Good housekeeping practices and cleanliness to eliminate food sources is part of effective control. Caulking and weather-stripping around windows, doors, baseboards, foundations and other exterior openings for electrical, HVAC and plumbing will help prevent crazy ants from entering buildings.


FiPro Foaming Aerosol

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