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Give Carpenter Ants a Taste of Their Own Medicine

Bug Lady posted this on Oct 31, 2016

Advance Carpenter Ant Bait A colony of Carpenter Ants can be a great cause for concern for homeowners because of their destructive nature.  They like to live in wood, meaning that the foundation of your home is a perfect place to set up camp. Carpenter ants hollow out wood to form traveling tunnels to easily go to and fro from their nests to their food foraging destinations in your home. While doing so they can do a lot of damage, weakening the wood the holds up the structure of your home which can lead to very expensive repairs if the destruction they cause is severe enough.  Despite their destructive nature through the pile of wood shavings and crumbles they leave behind, you can give them a taste of their own medicine by causing destruction to their nest and their entire population through using an effective and proven control method that will take out carpenter ants fast. The answer? Advance Carpenter Ant Bait.


Advance Carpenter Ant bait is specially formulated to kill carpenter ants specifically and if applied, you will be astounded by just the sheer volume of ants they will kill within days of application. Advance Carpenter Ant Bait comes in granule form and it is highly recommended to use along with MaxForce Carpenter Ant Bait Gel as a powerful combination that will produce the best results. That’s because the Advance Carpenter Ant Bait is more protein-based while MaxForce Carpenter Ant Bait gel is sugar-based and sweeter. This gives ants two options to choose from when foraging for food as they might be in different moods, some wanting more protein-based food while others wanting sugar based. If you have both you have, the better your chances of eliminating the entire population.Though the box says it’s a carpenter ant killer, the formula can also work for a variety of other ants and insects.


Advance Carpenter Ant Bait’s specially tested and scientifically-proven formula provides for the carpenter ant's dietary needs through it’s protein-based ingredients while also containing the delayed-action insecticide Abamectin. Abamectin is a GABA inhibitor which interferes with the normal functioning of a carpenter ants nervous system and begins affecting ant populations within 24 hours. This gives the ants an ample amount of time to take the bait back to their homes and share the bait with the rest of the colony, as well as the queen. Before long those ants crawling around your home will end up collapsing from the effects of the bait and you’ll have an ant cemetery on your hands that you can just sweep or vacuum away.


How to Apply Advance Carpenter Ant Bait


Advance Carpenter Ant Bait is easy to use and apply to your home either outdoors or indoors. Advance Carpenter Ant Bait can be applied outdoors as a broadcast application around the perimeter of your home or building or indoors by placing the bait inside wall voids or in areas where you have seen carpenter ants forage. Indoors, it is recommended to use up to 1.5 oz. of product in heavily traveled spots. It is also recommended to not use Advance Carpenter Ant Bait in areas where insecticides or sprays have been used. This will cause the bait to be unattractive to the ants and will ruin the effect of the bait. Advance Carpenter Ant Bait is best applied in small piles where ant activity is found.


Carpenter Ants tend to do most of their foraging for food at night time and typically start trailing about 30 minutes before sunset. If carpenter ant activity is difficult to find, try looking around your home’s structure about an hour before sunrise. Monitor bait placements closely and reapply as needed until no more carpenter ant activity is seen. How much product is needed will depend on colony size.


Advance Carpenter Ant Bait can also be used in stations such as bait plate stations to protect from the elements such as rain or dust. This is also convenient when cleaning up the bait after the ants have been eliminated. easy placement and clean-up. Bait plate stations are also a smart option if you have pets or small children as stations protect them from getting to the bait and accidentally consuming it.


Based on various reviews from satisfied customers of Advance Carpenter Ant Bait, the bait is able to neutralize the carpenter ant population almost entirely within 4 to 5 days of application. Talk about some superb results! Order Advance Carpenter Ant Bait today and you’ll be saying bye-bye to those little buggers and protecting the wooden structure of your home from these intruders to where they will think twice before trying to set up shop in your home.

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