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Attack of the Fire Ant: How to Get Rid of Them!

posted this on Aug 2, 2016


LETS GET RID OF FIRE ANTSan infestation of fire ants. beware!

If you have noticed a fire ant problem around your residence, you probably know all too well how horrible these pests can really be. If you have been unlucky enough to have been stung by one of these ants, you are certainly motivated to get rid of them once and for all. We understand that, sometimes, homeowners want to handle the issue themselves, not caring to hire out a professional pest control company. Leave it to us to tell you all you need to know about fire ants and how to kill these harmful pests.



Before you attempt to eliminate a fire ant colony, it’s important to know all you can about these pests and their living environments.


From the Solenopsis genus, the common fire ant seen around your home or business is one of more than 200 species within the genus. All ants within the genus are stinging ants. They are reddish in color and they like to build mound-like nests made of dirt. These can generally be found in open-grass areas. They are mostly prevalent in the southern parts of the United States because these areas do not usually freeze during winter.




If you haven’t had an unfortunate sting from a fire ant, consider yourself lucky. These pests transfer a venomous substance into the skin of their victims called piperidine. A sting from a fire ant is mostly associated with mild discomfort and pain. A white pustule appears where the ant’s sting was inserted and this pustule may hang around for many days. Although the raised area at the site does not look so good, it is not immediately infected.


However, these fire ants stings can become irritated and infected after several days of scratching and breaking open the site. Still, individuals with pre-existing conditions like diabetes can develop more serious secondary problems from these stings. A small percentage of people are allergic to fire ant stings.


In some cases, an individual might sustain hundreds of fire ant stings at once. These instances require medical attention to alleviate pain and swelling.




There are a number of effective methods for eliminating a colony of fire ants. There are many natural and household solutions found across the web that promise to help you get rid of fire ants. However, the best option is to always use professional-strength bait to kill these ants, even if you do not call a pest control expert.


By far, the best and most effective method for ridding your property of fire ants is through a broadcast application. Once you have orders bait from Solutions Pests and Lawn, you can spread it across your yard and property without looking for the nest. In this way, an ant will find the bait and bring it back to the nest to share with the others.


Order some professional-grade bait to control the fire ants on your property today!

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