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What is the Best Way To Eliminate Feral Hogs On Your Property?

Camille Landry posted this on Feb 27, 2017

filthy hogsFeral hogs have become a problem that has gotten way out of control in recent years and it’s that is costing the entire country a boatload in damages, $1.5 billion dollars a year to be exact! If these destructive invaders venture upon your home, it’s pretty safe to expect that your turf or field will be uprooted and whatever plant life or crops you have around will be devoured if the right measure are not taken to control them.


Despite being known as “wild” these pests are deceptively intelligent, being able to adapt to nearly any type of climate or condition. Feral hogs are also prolific in their breeding, which has caused their population to skyrocket to mammoth numbers. Along with the destruction they bring to any land they wander on, they also come with a high potential of disease. These are not the kind of hogs you want at a petting zoo, that’s for sure.


These wild hogs have become so devastating to whatever land they embark upon and their populations have exploded to such unmanageable proportions that different states have allowed landowners to try to eliminate these hogs in whatever way they wish.


Here we will list some ways that work best:


Hunting them

going on a hunt for hogsIt may not be the most humane way but hunting is a tried and true method and removing hog problems on your pasture or range. However, there are over 5 million wild hogs in the US, so while hunting them sounds like a good idea, it can possible take the most time and require the most work.


In states like Texas, hunters are encouraged to kill as many hogs as they can without impunity. Again, this method does work, it can be rather time consuming and not as easy as it may seem as hogs can be deceptively quick and good at hiding and sensing danger.


Should you use this option, it is preferred that you hunt at night when they are the most vulnerable.  The element of surprise works best with feral hogs but again these hogs are smart and adaptable so making this a habit will cause hogs to become completely nocturnal, making the hunt more difficult.


Involving a dog or hound can also exponentially help in tracking hogs down during the hunt as a trained dog can follow a scent trail and lead you to the hog hideout so you can take care of business.


Did we mention that wild hog meat is delicious? That’s definitely a great added benefit in eliminating these destructive creatures.

Trapping Them

Trapping hogs is a good option for controlTrapping feral hogs can either work with flying colors or be an utter waste of time depending on the approach. There's a lot of ways you can go about trapping these destructive pests and some work better than others. To achieve the best results, hog trapping must be carried out using traps which are both durable and well-designed in a way in there is no chance of escape. Ideally, this would also be a trap where you catch all of the offending hogs in one fell swoop rather than one at a time.


The reason for this goes back to what was stressed earlier: hogs are very intelligent and can sense danger very, very easily. If a hog is able to escape a flawed trap or is witness to seeing another hog be trapped, there is a strong chance that the hog will be in alert mode and not fall for any future traps that are laid out for him. Kind of a “fool me once shame on me, fool me twice--nope, not letting that happen.”


There are a wide assortment of traps on the market designed keeping the above concerns in mind. Some are even very tech-savvy which contain cameras and will send a photo to your computer or cell phone once the trap is triggered and a group of hogs have been trapped. Then after that, you do with them what you will.


While this may involve a lot less work than the involved method of hunting feral hogs, the main con regarding this method is that it can get quite expensive.


Baiting Them

Kaput Logo

This is perhaps the best method of them all--in terms of cost, labor and time. While in some states it is illegal to use chemical methods of eradicating wildlife and hogs for that matter, there are changes being made to use chemicals to deal with such a rapidly growing issue.


In Texas especially where the number of feral hogs has reached an astronomical 2.5 million and has cost at least $52 million dollars in agricultural damage alone for the state, measures have been taken to make it so chemical can be used to reduce the feral hog population.


The product that will be leading the charge in tackling the wild hog issue is Kaput Feral Hog Lure bait. The product which is scheduled to be released very soon contains a chemical called warfarin which has been proven to be highly lethal to feral hogs and which also has a low-toxicity to non-targets since it is essentially a blood thinner.


Kaput by Scimetrics has an effectively line of products which has targeted rodent populations so their track record is outstanding. With that being said, Kaput Feral Hog Lure is certain to be the go-to bait product to eliminate and eradicate this out of control epidemic.

Solutions Pest and Lawn will be carrying this product when it is released so if you do have a problem with feral hogs on the loose in your area, be sure to stay posted for it’s release.

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