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Bug Lady posted this on Oct 12, 2016

Repeating Pigeon Control Trap

HI just wondering about this item can it catch all kinds of birds and wondering what you bate this trap with thanks!


The pigeon trap is made of heavy gaged wire and should be baited with recommended products below.  If you need traps for other birds then you should consider something specific, such as the Sparrow trap if that is the bird you are interested in trapping.


We also carry a very large selection of other types of bird deterrents, from audio, visual and aversion with taste and texture.


Decoys for some birds can be very effective in changing the habits of birds.  Lets face it, this is about changing their behavior, and it can take more than one method to be successful and it takes times.


We have customers that order one item, for a large problem and after 2 days think that is the answer and it should have worked 100%, but you have to understand the above statement, you are trying to change their behavior and even in humans it takes time.  So be patient and think about multiple deterrents to have the best results.


For optimal trapping conditions, the area where a kage-all Pigeon Trap will be placed should be pre-baited for several days before the trap is introduced. Grain, cereal, fig bars, or dried bread should be used for bait. After the pigeons become familiar with the new eating spot, place one of the Pigeon Traps over the feed. Bait the pigeon trap with a trail of grain on the outside of the trap and leading into the trap doors. Make sure to place the majority of the bait inside the pigeon trap. We also recommend pre-baiting the pigeon trap for several days, or until the pigeons become familiar with walking in and out of the trap. To pre-bait the trap, tie-up the trap doors. The pigeons will eat the grain and move freely in and out of the trap as they eat. After the pigeons become familiar with the trap, untie the doors. Remember to always check your Pigeon Traps on a daily basis.


KAGE-ALL live animal traps are the safe and humane way to catch and keep animals. KAGE-ALL traps are custom designed to trap everything from sparrows to raccoon. Selected styles are made of durable zinc treated and powder coated steel heavy-gauge construction for years of use.

Innovative features of the heavy-duty animal traps include: gravity action door with patented spring loaded latch; guarded handle for safe and easy transport; protected bait area; large trip treadle grate; ground guard to keep latch and door free from debris; steel door stop to keep trap locked until operator release; and protected finish to reduce reflections and light flashes. Colored to blend into the surroundings.

Reuseable for years of pest control, the KAGE-ALL comes fully assembled.

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