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Bug Lady posted this on Oct 12, 2016



I, for one, am not a goose lover.  But mine is personal vendetta, fueled by years of trying to avoid their menacing stares and threats of attack as I meekly traveled to and from my college classes.  These “ducks on steroids” confidently waddled around our university grounds, near the park’s lake, like an overly powerful gang of thugs, marking their territory with mounds of goosey feces.  They honked and hooted, and stared you down, crossed your path at will, and yes, pursued numerous students when the mood struck.  So, if I seem a little too happy about keeping geese away, I would have to agree with you, I am completely biased.


It seems thought that I am not the only one attempting to keep geese away.  These pesky geese can ruin vegetation, poop like pros, leave their fluff everywhere but your pillow, and land in droves on your pond.  One main pest goose is the Canada Goose.  They LOVE open water sources and will make themselves at home quickly.  The Canada Goose is a very adaptable species, and can work around a plethora of obstacles if the area has a good water source and nearby vegetation.


Click here to read a well-constructed response from Purdue University to a homeowner trying to keep nuisance geese off of his property.

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