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Control The Mole with Talpirid Mole Bait

Bug Lady posted this on Oct 31, 2016

mole in holeThere’s nothing more frustrating than investing valuable time and money on taking care of your lawn or purchasing some greenery to practice your golf swing only to have it be ransacked by intruders like the irritating mole. While moles do bring some benefits through their underground habits like aerating the soil and reducing grubs, for homeowners they do more harm than good through their digging and tunnel making.


Contrary to popular belief, Moles aren’t rodents but are actually mammals which feed primarily upon insects. Another misconception is that moles can live on your lawn. Mole actually live in the wood and merely just visit lawns of homeowners from time to time using a well-established underground tunnelling system. The main damage done by moles to lawns are when they dig and crawl out of surface tunnels, which are holes they create to come out from underground. This can be a nightmare to those who keep a well-maintained and groomed lawn.


Controlling moles has been a difficult challenge for homeowners and landscapers to overcome. Chemicals and repellents have been known to be ineffective and because of the mobile nature of the mole, it is something the mole can easily maneuver around and evade. Moles are expert diggers, so if you try to stomp their mole hills down, they’ll just re-dig and cause an even greater mess. But after careful study of the moles habits, tendencies and behaviors, there is an effective solution that can work and Solutions Pest and Lawn carries the answer in the form of: Talpirid Mole Bait

How Talpirid Mole Bait Works

Baiting moles in the past was ineffective because moles would catch on to attempts to poison them with baits that were not palatable to them. But with Talpirid mole bait, moles would not be able to resist because the pesticide are molded into the shape and look of moles favorite food. It even tastes like a worm.  Talpirid mole bait is designed, developed and scientifically proven to kill moles, tricking moles into believing their eating their regular diet. The bait worm contains a lethal dose and each box contains 20 worms, enough to kill a whole family of moles.


How To Apply


Before applying Talpirid Mole Bait, it would be best to first observe the ideal treatment area which should typically be where you have seen the most mole activity. This is usually indicated by any surface holes or dirt mounds that have been made the the moles. These usually look like cones due to the dirt that had been pushed up from the burrowing moles.


Another good treatment area may be found through observing a possible network of subsurface runways in the turf. Subsurface runways are indicated by raised ridges of plantlife and soil caused by moles foraging for food just below the surface of the soil. These runways can be especially noticeable when the grass above them has turned yellow.

  • Start by making a hole in the top of the runway with a rod slightly larger than the diameter of the bait. Drop one worm into the runway, using the rod to push any exposed bait completely into the runway.

  • It should be noted that you wear disposable gloves when you handle and place the Talpirid worms so they are not contaminated by your scent.

  • Carefully reseal the runway with a small amount of dirt to exclude light. Repeat bait application every 5 to 10 feet of each active subsurface runway.

  • After applying the bait worms, wait about 5 to 7 days to check for mole activity. If necessary reapply with the rest of the worms following the same procedure.


It’s just that simple. If for some reason the baiting procedure does not work or get rid of the moles, it could be possible that the procedure was not followed properly, or the weather conditions may have affected the treatment and broke down the bait (especially if it had rained before or after application). There could also be a chance that you baited in a place where mole activity and mole runs aren’t carried out so the moles never come into contact with the bait.


So are you ready to give it a try and rid yourself of your mole problem for good? Order Talpirid Mole Bait from Solutions today!

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