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Raccoon removal solutions

Bug Lady posted this on Aug 5, 2016

Raccoons are found everywhere in North America. As the population expands, more and more raccoon habitat is being populated by humans. Raccoons have made the adjustment well and have adapted to city life. In the 1920s the first “city” raccoon sighting was in Cincinnati, Ohio and now they are in nearly every city in the United States.

Harlem, a neighborhood in Manhattan, New York, has become inundated with these critters. Raccoons have taken over a set of residential blocks between Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard and Lenox Avenue — roaming the streets and sidewalks day and night and congregating in backyards and gardens. According dnainfo.com, residents say they “are as big small dogs and are completely unafraid of humans”. Residents said they have called Animal Care and Control to complain about the growing raccoon menace, but agency officials said they can’t act unless the raccoons attack. “In general, AC&C will only remove raccoons if the animal appears injured or ill, has been bitten or scratched a person or animal, or otherwise poses a significant public health threat,” spokeswoman Alexandra Silver said.

In Harlem, as well as most major cities and most states, raccoons are protected by law and it is illegal to kill them unless they are attacking humans or destroying property. Raccoons are intelligent and quickly become used to eating out of dumpsters and garbage cans. They are a carrier of rabies and really are a nuisance pest to homeowners. So, what are residents in neighborhoods like Harlem to do?


How to Remove RaccoonsThere are ways that neighborhood residents can take matters into their own hands and do it effectively and inexpensively. Instead of paying a private pest removal company $150.00 to remove one raccoon, a removal cage from ePest Solutions is your solution. We have several models and sizes of removal cages from $59.99 to $99.00. A neighborhood investment of two or three cages will clear your streets very quickly. No matter what city you live in, your Animal Control Department can tell you where the relocation spots are for the raccoons you catch. Our easy-to-use cages are perfect for transporting and releasing the raccoons you trap.

We are here to help you get rid of raccoons and any other pest, varmit or bug you may have. Our web site has a teaching video to show you how our traps are used and also we have the added convenience of Live Chat–someone that is there to answer any questions you have. And, as always, shipping is free at ePest Solutions.


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