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How to Trap a Skunk in Your Yard

Bug Lady posted this on Aug 4, 2016



Sometimes we do not notice a skunk around the property until we smell the little fellow or we start noticing activity and presence of a skunk around your house or porch areas. Sometimes you smell the aggressively strong smell when there has been a defensive spraying or the very faint smell from the skunks simply travels and feeding in that area. Skunks can be about 16 inches long, and weigh 6-10 lbs. They are most active at night and the skunk’s main food source is meat, fish, pet food, seeds, insects, fruits and vegetables. Springtime is the time when the female will have their litters which can be 2- to 10 young in size.


To control the skunks food and habitat modification should occur, you need to make your home less attractive and no enable them to eat and live there. Keep pet food bowls up a sealed at night, block off entrances to harborage areas, under porches. When you see skunks and even raccoon’s are digging up your yard, then treating the area for grubs to eliminate the food source is necessary.


It is recommended to harass the skunk, with floodlights, even loud music has been shown to work in some situation, although this may cause issue with neighbors. Make sure the lights are placed on the opposite side of the entrance as to allow them easy access out.


Exclusion is the best policy if it can be done, preventing entry and blocking all the entrances is very important. Live trapping is your next step, Skunk traps would need to have coverage on the tops and sides to prevent the chances of the handler from getting squirted with the delicate smell of stink!


Human way does have live trap covers, this also helps with animal’s security in feeling comfortable in the trap. Place the traps where the animals are entering the building or you have seen them on active trails. Chunks of corn, melons, applies, prunes and peanut butter are all good lures to get your skunk in the relocation device.


There are skunk repellents on the market, but one or 2 lbs of mothballs can do a pretty good job of keeping them out of the area.
Looking for ways to prevent and control skunks in your yard, Solutions Pest & Lawn has you covered. You can control and repel skunks like a professional with our products at Solutions Pest & Lawn. Using the right products, such Havahart animal trap 1087 for your skunk problems will make all the difference in the world. Letting us teach how to use it, even better.


We have the right professional strength products for all your skunk problems. Guaranteed the best products at the best price. Our professional staff are here to help with all your pest control needs, call us at 1-800-479-6583 to place your order today. Skunks can also cause damage to your lawn and turf, while they forage for food, beetle larvae in your yard. They can also be infested with ticks and fleas and can then cause your human companions to be infested with these pests.

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