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Bug Lady posted this on Aug 4, 2016

When spring arrives so do all the pesky pest in our home and yard and the one I see as a huge nuisance because of its ability to deliver such a painful memory I the wasps. There are all types of different remedies to wasp stings, but no home remedy for removal. This is best to be done with professional products that are specific for use with wasp and other stinging insects.


First we would always recommend that you have a contact insecticide spray that takes the wasp out on contact, there are very low cost wasp sprays that reach upwards of 15 ft and will drop them to the grown on contact that way you do not have to have your sprinting legs warmed up and ready.

The next thing to think about is the nest itself, where is located inside a wall void, soffit, or opening? Or just located in a area that allows for easy removal. If they are coming in and out of an area you will want to apply a dust into the opening, Delta Dust will work great in high moisture areas and does not clump like some of the other insecticide dust. Few puffs will leave a residual insecticide in the void that will make any returning wasp or bees to not survive.

Looking for ways to Inspect, Prevent and Treat Wasps in Your Home and Yard like a professional checkout ePestSolutions.com. Using the right products, such as Wasp Freeze or Delta Dust will make all the difference in the world.



We have the right professional strength Insect control products for all you wasp and yellow jacket needs. Best products at the best price and our professional staff is here to help with all your pest control needs, call us at 713-955-2000 to place your order.

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