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How to Get Rid of Roaches in House

Notice that smell in the house? It might be because of the dirty dishes or the laundry basket. In our busy schedules, house cleaning is the last thing on the mind and when you’re rushing off to work, a few dirty dishes in the sink doesn’t feel like much of a threat.

Well, if none of these things are causing the foul smell then what is? That should be a cause of concern. If nothing is apparent and even after much searching you can’t find the cause, you might be dealing with roaches.

That’s the problem. All you wanted was a relaxing day at home but instead you end up chasing away roaches. That’s no way to spend the weekend. Instead of going out and enjoying yourself, you turn into an exterminator.

If that wasn’t enough, you find these pests wandering around your house, helping themselves to your food and sharing your living space. Sadly though, they don’t make great roommates and eventually you’d have to evict them.

Before trying to get rid of them however, you need to know more about them.  

About Roaches

It’s easier for these pests to hide since they have the ability to flatten their body. If you haven’t had a sighting yet, it’s normal. The pests hide in dark, moist places, such as floor drains, under stoves and sinks. What you might see are droppings.

If your house has been invaded by these pesky pests, you might come across feces. They might look like coffee grounds or black pepper. This makes them hard to be recognized. Some roaches have cylindrical droppings, which will be easier to detect. So keep your eyes open.  

Another clue leading to their discovery is roach eggs around the house. Most times people come across empty egg shells but don’t realize what they are. These casings can mostly be found between books and they clearly indicate the presence of roaches in your house.

They have been known to spread diseases and endangering your loved ones would be the last thing you want to do. They can spread almost 33 different types of bacterias and their presence is enough to trigger asthma attacks.  

Once you start getting the signs, it’s evident that you have a roach infestation on your hands. Health is something you should never compromise on. So before they take over your life and house, it’s time to make a move and get control over your house.

5 Methods to Get Rid of Roaches in House—For Good!

Given below are different methods that are designed to help you get rid of roaches in your house once and for all!

  1. Stop feeding them

Not literally. Without even realizing it, many people feed the roaches in their house and makes it possible for them to enjoy the benefits of being a houseguest. Remember the meal you had last night and the crumbs that you didn’t wipe off the table? Well, that’s an invitation for the pests to come and enjoy a hearty meal at your expense.

Make sure you kill their food source. Wipe away any fallen food and clear the dishes as soon as you’re done eating. Make sure all the food is covered and all water leaks are sealed.  

  1. Keep the Lid On

Garbage cans are the ultimate buffet roaches love. After all they can have their pick of food. So make sure the lid is on and your garbage cans don’/t provide sustenance to these pests. A better way to go about this issue is to empty the garbage cans. Each night, tie up the garbage bags and put them out of the house. Make sure there are no food droppings on the floor.   

  1. Lure them out

Now that you’ve successfully prevented the pests from getting any sustenance, it’s time to lure them out of their hiding places. It wouldn’t be long for the roaches to feel the absence of food and water but why wait till they decide to move?

Go for the Apex Cockroach Gel Bait. The gel is effective in luring the pests out. Once ingested, the poison starts to work but that’s not where its effectiveness stops. Once the infected roach goes back to the nest, it excretes their and that’s how the other roaches are also contaminated.

  1. Stop them in Action

Just apply the Pyrid Aerosol to flush the roaches out of there hiding spots. Apply as a crack and crevice spray before applying the bait. The Pyrid will kill the insect on contact stopping them from contaminating your home. Once the product has fully dried we can apply the bait to provide a continuous treatment. Whenever you see one of these pests scuttling around the house, spray on them. This will stop them in their tracks. Kill the pests and be done with it.

  1. Go for Insecticide Sprays

When all your DIY projects to drive away roaches fail, it’s time to pace up the game and look for commercial insecticide sprays. Go around the store and buy the best insecticide on the market. That’ll help you start your clean-up mission and get rid of the roaches. The Reclaim I/T is the most effective spray in treating the home. The product is safe to be applied in the home but deadly to the cockroaches.  

Preventing a Roach Infestation

There’s no doubt that being clean would help with this. Make sure there are no water leaks in the house and clear away dirty dishes as soon as possible. Wipe all surfaces clean and don’t leave out any food for the night. Keep those garbage cans covered up and clean.

If you follow these pieces of advice, you’ll surely prevent a roach infestation. So invest time in cleaning your house and say goodbye to roaches.   



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