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How To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies


There is nothing worse than walking into your kitchen to find out that a bunch of fruit flies are throwing a party right where you eat. These fruit flies are considered to be one of the most invasive insects out there as they have a tendency of infiltrating any type of building that has open food sources. Besides being extremely annoying, these flies are also a huge health hazard. These fruit flies carry thousands of germs and bacteria, to make matters worse they actually lay eggs on our food. This is exactly why it is imperative that every homeowner immediately takes action the moment they even see a single fly in their homes or offices. Rest assured with our tips and the right attitude you can easily rid your home or offices from these flies.  

To effectively rid your homes and office from fruit flies you will have to understand the world of flies. This is exactly why we have mentioned a little information about fruit flies below.

About fruit flies

Fruit flies are part of the drosphilidae family and also commonly known as the vinegar fly, these flies have evolved into a model organism and are used in a variety of experiments and research projects in genetics and physiology. Furthermore these flies have the capacity of breeding at a rapid rate, which is exactly why you will never find a single fruit fly in your homes and offices.  

These fruit flies move in packs and are lay thousands of eggs in strategic places and these eggs develop into fully grown flies within seven days. These flies are essentially not dangerous but they lay eggs in edibles which can be seriously detrimental for anyone who eats this food, furthermore these fruit flies carry thousands of germs and bacteria! This is exactly why it is imperative that every homeowner should take immediate action if they find any fruit flies in their homes or offices.  

Different methods to help get rid of fruit flies – for good!

Given below are different methods designed to help everyone out there get rid of fruit flies from their homes or kitchens permanently.

  1. Death by repellants

The very first method of getting rid of fruit flies is investing in multiple fruit fly repellants. These repellants are readily available in the market at any pesticide store. There are actually thousands of repellants that have been designed exclusively for fruit flies; we would recommend choosing these products as they are more effective. Once you have equipped yourself with multiple repellants, simply point the spray at the infestation and start spraying. Please make sure you read the label to find out if the spray is safe for children and pets, if you have any in the vicinity.  

  1. Death by pyrethrin spray

The second method is using pyrethrin spray which is another product that is readily available in the market at cost effective prices.  This spray will immediately kill of the fruit flies in the area and is also safe to use around pets and children. However even if you spray this pesticide directly at the fruit flies eggs, it will make no difference. This is exactly why you should use pyrethrin spray with another repellant to make sure that no eggs survive, if these eggs survive you will have an infestation all over again within no time at all.  

  1. Death by fly traps

If you have allergies or pets in the area that might be at the risk of reacting to the repellants and pesticides, you should consider investing in fly traps. These fly traps are also available at pesticide stores and are very effective when it comes to hordes of fruit flies. Simply invest in multiple traps and strategically locate them all around your home to trap these little flies. These traps use a sweet bait to attract the flies and once they are trapped there is no way for them to escape! How you deal with the trapped flies is totally up to you but we would recommend drowning them; yes, it is a little brutal but war is not for the weak.  

  1. Try a professional grade treatment

If your home or office has been transformed into a horror story because of the sheer amount of fruit flies infesting the area, then the most viable choice is investing in a professional grade treatment. These professionals will first inspect the area and will then use different methods to effectively rid your home or offices from all the flies present in the area. The professional will also employ different methods which will help prevent a fruit fly infestation in the future.

How to prevent a fruit fly infestation

Prevention is the best cure for anything, especially for fruit flies. No one has the time or patience to deal with these annoying insects. This is exactly why it is imperative that every homeowner out there takes certain steps in order to protect their homes from a fruit fly infestation. These steps are mentioned below:

  • Clean all of the garbage cans in your kitchen

  • Make sure your home is completely odor free

  • Seal all of the garbage inside and outside your house

  • Was all of the fruit present in your home

  • Make sure all the windows and doors in your home have no entry points

So, if you try any of the methods mentioned above and use these prevention tips, there is no doubt your home or office will be permanently free from a fruit fly infestation.

Choose Solutions Pest & Lawn as Your Home For Fruit Fly Control

Solutions Pest & Lawn has all you need to effectively get rid of fruit flies. You can buy strips to hang in your kitchen, or jars that include pre-prepared concoctions to trap and kill flies.  There are several fruit fly control options to choose from here and we recommend using more than one method of control especially if you have a significant fruit fly problem.

We have traps that work really well such as Musca-StikVector 960 Fruit Fly Traps, Invite Fruit Fly trapsNatural Catch Fruit Fly traps and even light traps like the Mantis Fly Light. What you choose depends upon your preference. There are also fogging sprays that can be effective like CB-PCO Fogger. For fruit flies that are frequenting your drains, Forid Drain Gel cleaner can wipe up the gunk and organic matter that fruit flies are attracted to.


We hope this article has helped you decide how you want to tackle the infestation of fruit flies around your home. For more help or DIY advice, contact us at 800-479-6583 or shoot us an email at askapro@solutionsstores.com and we will be happy assist you.

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