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How to Get Rid of Flies In The House

Fly, fly, fly away and never come back! If you have an ongoing fight with pesky flies that keep entering your home, right now, you’re at the losing end and they are the winning end of the fight. Let’s reverse that. You can still win the fight! You just have to learn how to ban their entry into your house by setting an example for others by eliminating the ones that are already present in your home. Let’s first learn a little more about your enemy – flies!

About Flies

The common types of flies you may find in your home include:

  • Drain fly

  • Fruit fly

  • Phorid fly

  • Fungus gnat

  • House fly

  • Blow fly

  • Horse fly

  • Cluster fly

  • Noseems

There are over 110,000 species of flies in the world with around 17,000 species of flies found in North America. Even though they do not live groups, but fly solo, they do not say “no” to other flies who want to join them in eating the food source.

Once a fly infestation occurs, it can become a real nightmare for you. A female fly lays hundreds of eggs at one time with the eggs hatching the next day. In 36 hours, these maggots turn into full fledged flies, ready to join the others in making your life even more miserable. Not to worry, there are ways you can eliminate them because if you don’t, they can lead to health issues for you and your family.

5 Methods to Get Rid of Flies

If you want to get rid of flies from your house, here are a few ways that can help you achieve your goal of total extermination:

  1. Create a Plastic Bottle Trap

You can create a plastic bottle trap, trapping the flies in the house in it. You can reuse the trap as many times as you want. To make the plastic bottle trap, you need a 2-litre drink bottle. Use scissors to cut the top of the bottle first, fill it with their favorite food (honey, sugar, rotten fruit, minced fish, or minced meat), and place the top you cut off in the opening you created, but upside down like a funnel.

Next, place the bottle in areas where flies usually fly around and let the bottle sit in that spot for one week. You can replace the contents of the bottle once it begins to smell bad. You can place the bottle both indoors and outdoors.

  1. Place Fly paper

You can either create your own flypaper to catch flies or buy from the store. To create your own flypaper, you need to take a thick brown paper bag, cut it into 2-inch wide and 5 to 10 inches long strips. On the top of each strip, create a hole and put a string through it.

Prepare a sweet mixture by combining ½ cup sugar and ¼ cup corn syrup. Let it cool and then use a brush to spread the sweet mixture on both sides of each strip. Hang them to dry and then place them around your house to catch flies.

  1. Use Pesticides and Insecticides

You can order pesticides and insecticides such as the Flex 10-10 , the Mantis Flylight 1x2, Mantis Uplight Fly Light, Pyrid Aerosol, and Guaranteed Fly Control Kit. You can control the spread of flies and prevent them from coming again by using chemicals and traps to eliminate them.

  1. Use Cloves and Lemons

Flies loathe cloves, which is why you need use this aromatic condiment to repel them. You can place cloves inside a sliced lemon. You can place as many cloves as you want in the lemon. Place the lemons stuffed with cloves at places where the flies come in.

  1. Use Plastic Water Bags

You can hang plastic bags filled with water around the areas flies enter your home from. Why does this work? No one knows the exact reason of why this works, but there is one reason that says it works due to the flies’ eye structure.

They think the plastic water bag is a spider’s web, thus preventing them from coming inside the home. To create the bag, you need a one gallon sized bag and fill it halfway with water, place a few pennies inside, secure with a thread, and hang it above entryways, outdoor entrances, and garage doors.

Preventing a Fly Infestation

If you want to prevent a fly infestation from occurring, you can take preventive measures to stop them from coming inside your home. You can limit the food sources by discarding manure, grass clipping, garbage, weed piles, and other sources from decaying on your property.

You need to secure your garbage cans properly, keep your trash can clean and tidy, discard rotten food from the fridge, keep the kitchen sink and counters clean, and clean pet waste quickly. You can also seal off entry points of your home where flies are most likely to use to enter your home.

Inspect your door screens and windows to ensure there are no holes in it. Keep windows and doors closed and seal any openings you find at the top and bottom. You should also seal the openings found around gas pipes and water pipes. On ventilation holes, use screens.

Keep flies out using the aforementioned ways to get rid of them and prevent them from entering your home.

Solutions Pest & Lawn Has Professional Products for Fly Control

Home remedies may work but they are not as sustainable as applying a true fly killing insecticide. If you want to get really serious about fly control, we recommend that you buy professional fly control DIY products that help you to eliminate the presence of flies in your home. A combination of high quality fly traps, baits and insecticide sprays will do the trick in eliminating a fly infestation.

We have traps that work really well such as Musca-StikQuickstrike Fly Abatement StripsFlies Be Gone, and even light traps like the Mantis Fly Light. What you choose depends upon your preference. There are also fly control insecticide sprays that can be effective like Pyrid Aerosol or MaxForce Fly Spot Bait. For flies that are discovered hanging around your sink drains, Drain Gel cleaner can wipe up the gunk and organic matter that flies are attracted to.


If flies have been driving you nuts inside your home, following our helpful tips and equipping yourself with the traps and preventative measures we’ve suggested, flies will no longer be a problem in your home. For more help or DIY advice, contact us at 800-479-6583 or shoot us an email at askapro@solutionsstores.com and we will be happy assist you.

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